A Hireling a Store product which work as your own personal NPC. The Hirelings can be placed inside Houses and Guildhalls. The basic Hireling is called Hireling apprentice, but it can also be trained to learn other skills. When a Hireling skill is purchased, all Hirelings that you own will receive this skill. In case you own more than one, however, each Hireling can be customized to use different outfits (bought from the Store) and colors.

The following are the types of Hirelings that can be purchased:

Hireling Abilities Price
Apprentice Sells basic Furniture 150 Tibia Coins Small
Banker Banker (deposit, withdraw, transfer) 250 Tibia Coins Small
Cook Cook random buff food for a fee* 900 Tibia Coins Small
Steward Provides access to Your Supply Stash 250 Tibia Coins Small
Trader Trader and post clerk (buys and sells standard goods such as Runes, Potions or Tools) 250 Tibia Coins Small

Skill details

Hireling Apprentice

Hireling Banker

The Hirelink banker has the ability of regular Banker NPCs, i.e., you can deposit, withdraw and transfer money using it.

Hireling Cook

The Hirelink Cook can prepare different dishes upon your request, for a 15,000 gold fee. The dish you received will be randomly selected from these options:

Since the chance to cook all dishes is the same (1/6), the average price of a dish is 90,000 gold. Each of the dishes can only be consumed once every 10 minutes, similar to those cooked by Jean Pierre and the Cupcakes. The dishes have the same restriction as Store products, meaning they cannot be sold on the market, given to other characters, etc.

Hireling Steward

The Hireling Steward grants you access to Your Supply Stash. You can open the Stash to retrieve items or use the Context Menu on items and containers to stow them, after having greeted the Hireling.

Hireling Trader

The Hireling Trader buys and sells common magic supplies, such as Runes and Potions, for the same price the NPCs do. They also sell Post items like Parcels and Letters.

Hireling Outfits

Hirelings can be customized using different exclusive outfits bought from the Store. The following outfits are available:

  • Hireling Trader Trader: 500 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Steward Steward: 500 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Banker Banker: 500 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Cook Cook: 500 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Servant Servant: 300 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Hydra Hydra: 900 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Ferumbras Ferumbras: 900 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Bonelord Bonelord: 900 Tibia Coins Small
  • Hireling Dragon Dragon: 900 Tibia Coins Small
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