Underneath Femor Hills


Accessible from the east side of Femor Hills ground level or from second level of Hills in the main hill that has Cyclops.
This is not a popular guildhall since it is not in a town, but is good for lower level guilds whose members hunt the many Hunting Places nearby, lower levels can skill in rotworm cave. These are the rooms:

  • -2 floor: 3x4sqm room with 6 chests, 8x11sqm eating room, 27sqm entrance room.
  • -3 floor: 6x12sqm room with 12 beds, 3x4sqm with 1 bed, two 3x3 with 1 bed each, 2x2 empty room, 2x9 passage room.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 13950 gold per month.

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