You see Hide.


    It's as fast as a tarantula with haste, and has a high defense.

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    Melee (0-140+) poisons you for up to 4hp/turn, Haste.

    Damage Taken From Elements

    • Physical
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Fire
    • Energy
    • Ice
    • Earth


    Its teleporter is located here. It can be very dangerous for lower levels to go to Hide because it is possible that 2 Carniphilas and 2 Tarantulas surround the hole.


    Fights till death, like a Tarantula.


    Kill her like a Tarantula, but be aware that she is quite a bit stronger.
    Sorcerers & Druids: This is an easy boss for a mage level 33 or higher, if using either wand of inferno or hailstorm rod, combined with Flame Strike. You may need to use Light Healing or Intense Healing when your health drops below 150. This creature uses Haste making it difficult to outrun, not recommended for level 20 or below. You should bring Mana Potions as a precaution for lower levels.

    Paladins: Just run around and kill it with Royal Spears. When it hastes, keep running and heal with Exura or Exura Gran. You might need some Mana potions for lower levels.

    Knights: Stand still and kill it using Melee. It is strong to Physical Damage, so it is recommended to use a fire-enchanted weapon. Knights with skills 60/60 or more shouldn't have a problem killing Hide, but it is recommended to take mana potions for Wound Cleansing.

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