Property Value
Aliases None.
Est. Length 20 minutes
Quest Log Tibia Tales
Level 0
(50 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 11.50
December 05, 2017
Status Active


The foreman of the Corym Mines wants you to find out what's behind his decrease in profits, but his workers have other plans...


Corym Mines.


Corym, Tarantulas, Stonerefiners, miniboss Cave Spider and minor creatures.

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Required Equipment

  • Rope [or equivalent]


Go to the deepest floor of the Venore Corym Cave and make your way to the northwestern area. Move along the northern wall until you encounter a new passage harbouring a teleport for you to enter. Do so.

You are now inside the Corym Mines. Walk up to Corym Ratter and say hi/help/yes. Now walk through the Sealed Door to the east and enter it. Keep moving north until you find Corym Servant. Progress by saying to him hi/decreased resources/defy. He wants you to free his fellow underlings so that they can stage a riot.

Go downstairs to enter an area with Stonerefiners. Even though they are easy to outran, it's a good idea to kill them because you'll need the Rare Earth they drop later in the quest. Walk northeast and enter the fiery room to encounter a Box (Quest), here. Open it to receive a Metal File. Now go south and take the first passage to the right. There's a Box (Quest) hidden behind an Item Pile in this room, here. Open it to obtain a Rusted Key Fragment (Head) and proceed further down the passage until you can go no further. Open the Box (Quest) here as well to obtain a Rusted Key Fragment (Handle).

Hidden Threats Forging

Use these objects to forge the Forged Key.

Use the Metal File on both fragments to obtain a Polished Key Fragment (Head) and Polished Key Fragment (Handle). Take both fragments to the big room you had to traverse on your way to the first box and use them on the Steaming Hot Lava coming out of the Crucible to obtain a Glowing Key Fragment (Head) and Glowing Key Fragment (Handle). Use one of the fragments on the other to obtain an Intermediate State. Use this unfinished key on the Anvil to obtain a Forged Glowing Key and then use that on the tile of water to obtain a Forged Key.

Rusted Key Fragment (Handle) + Metal File = Polished Key Fragment (Handle)  and  Rusted Key Fragment (Head) + Metal File = Polished Key Fragment (Head)  then
Polished Key Fragment (Handle) + Steaming Hot Lava (Bottom) = Glowing Key Fragment (Handle)  and  Polished Key Fragment (Head) + Steaming Hot Lava (Bottom) = Glowing Key Fragment (Head)  then
Glowing Key Fragment (Handle) + Glowing Key Fragment (Head) = Intermediate State  then
Intermediate State + Anvil (Small) = Forged Glowing Key  then
Forged Glowing Key + Water (Tile) = Forged Key

Hidden Threats Door

Use the Forged Key on all three doors to unlock them.

Now go back upstairs and walk around until you've used the key on all three locked Sealed Doors around the mine. If you want, you can enter the rooms and receive a Small Ruby from the first NPC you talk to in the northwestern room, a Small Emerald from the first NPC you talk to in the northeastern room, and a Small Amethyst from the first NPC you talk to in the southwestern room.

Go back to Corym Servant after doing this and he will ask you to obtain 20 piles of Rare Earth. These are easily looted from the Stonerefiners below. Deliver them and you will receive 2 Gold Nuggets.

That's the end of this quest. However, there's a surprise waiting for you once you use the exit teleport out of the mines. You will be teleported into a separate room containing three Tarantulas and the miniboss Cave Spider. It behaves like a Giant Spider, so just kill it and exit the room to officially end the quest.


Player: hi
Corym Ratter: Welcome stranger! You might be surprised that I don't attack you immediately. The point is, that I think you could be useful to me. What you see in front of you is a great mine of the coryms...!
Corym Ratter: We dig up all what mother earth delivers to us, {valuable natural resources}. But the {yield} is getting worse and here I need your {help}.
Player: help
Corym Ratter: Recently the amount of delivered ores is decreasing. Could you find out the reason, why the situation has become worse?
Player: yes
Corym Ratter: Nice! I have opened the mine for you. But take care of you! The monsters of depth won't spare you.

Player: hi
Corym Servant: We work as hard we can, my master! Wait, I haven't seen you here before. You were sent by the Corym Ratter, I see. He misses the courage to visit us and find the reason for {decreasing resources}? He's the coward I have expected.
Player: decreasing resources
Corym Servant: You have to know, that our work is very hard and the conditions we have are terrible. The wanted amount is abolutely unrealistic. Beyond that the food we get is never enough. ...
Corym Servant: Our workers should give their best while starving. This is not possible. That's the point to {defy} the authority.
Player: defy
Corym Servant: I see you are interested to change our sitation. The first thing I would like you to do is to liberate the jailed coryms. There are three areas with locked doors. You have to find a way to get access. ...
Corym Servant: For this reason I will give you access to the second floor. It was closed because it wasn't possible to continue working at these enourmous high temperatures. Furthermore we were instantly attacked by stonerefiners. So take care of you!

  • Freeing the first worker in every room:

Player: hi
Corym Worker: My hero! A friend of mine sent you to liberate me? A true friend! I am poor but nevertheless I give you this as a little reward.

Reporting back to Corym Servant after unlocking all three doors:

Player: hi
Corym Servant: Well done! The riot progesses! No fight without weapons. In the mine the temperature is quite high, higher as expected in this depth. Therefore we need heat-resistent weapons and armors. ...
Corym Servant: This effect can be reached by adding rare earth to the common materials. But this can only be found in the stomaches of stonerefiners. 20 of these should be enough.

Reporting back to Corym Servant after obtaining 20 clumps of Rare Earth:

Player: hi
Corym Servant: Hello again. I see you have collected enough of the rare earth. Would you like to give it to me?
Player: yes
Corym Servant: Thank you very much! Our smiths are now able to craft heat-resistent weapons and armor. A little reward for you is this. ...
Corym Servant: There is one last thing I would like to say to you, there are rumours that this dungeon can only be entered alive. This could mean that there's an unknown dungeon keeper guarding this place, so take care of you!

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