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Hiberna was merged along with Eternia and Isara into a new world Rowana on August 14, 2014.

Additional Info

  • The world Hiberna comes from a Latin word that means "Winter".
  • Hiberna has been the subject of organized mass-transfers in order to fight wars more than once. Even though fair fighting rules made wars on open-pvp quite unattractive because it is next-to-impossible to actually win a war due to extremely low death penalties and a next-to-endless supply of cash (because of the massive amount of cashmakers that most players have).
  • There are many neutral guilds and the Game-Chat is very active.
  • Hiberna's community and generosity has made this world peaceful for low and high level characters.
  • Hiberna has a few traditions, such as Secret Santa held by Knight Meo and Hapex and Sendos famous Annual Lottery.
  • Hiberna has many players from different nations and welcomes all with open arms.

Historical Info

  • The first person online was Roguer. (Deleted due to retirement.)
  • The first Druid on Mainland was Sesoni. (Deleted due to retirement.)
  • The first Sorcerer on Mainland was Habbas. (Deleted for massive player killing.)
  • The first guild formed was Order of the Cross by the Cross Family.
  • The first "big" war (with players above level 80) was between: Arch Angels and Skydivers.
  • The war between Dark Mortals and the Alliance (Uncommon Valor + Gladsheim + Hardstyle, which later merged and were known as Hibernas Finest, Semicolon Parenthesis, Toilet, Final Dream and Frostmourne) lasted for nearly 3½ years. Starting in late 2005 and not ending until the spring of 2009.
  • Crni Vitez had one of the unique Teddy Bears, before this item was added as loot from monsters and obtained as gift from Christmas presents. (was deleted due to inactivity.)
  • Don'tribioni was the first player to obtain the full Mage Outfit in all of Tibia.
  • Sleazy was the second player to obtain the full Summoner Outfit in all of Tibia, and the first on Hiberna.
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach level 100 was Articorz.
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach level 200 was Seromontis, now known as Qar.
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach level 300 was Seromontis, now known as Qar (level 347 at his prime).
  • The first player on Hiberna to reach skills 100 was Ertyros.
  • The first and only player on tibia to reach level 200 without dying a single time was Vigge Krigzor.
  • Ferumbras has been killed twice.
  • Orshabaal has been slain a few times as well.
  • Morgaroth has been slain at 29 August 2013. 03:19 Loot of Morgaroth: demonic essence, 19 platinum coins, a red tome, a green gem, a great spirit potion, a demon shield, the stomper, 2 small amethysts, a mind stone, a death ring, a chain bolter

Players with the highest level

Golden GobletSkogisLevel 459, EK
Silver GobletMaxin SaintLevel 439, EK
Bronze GobletBelzi

Level 430, EK

Players with the best skills

Solar AxeAxePaola Poder111
The StomperClubErtyros & Piotrek Niepokonany109
The DevileyeDistanceVenus123
Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'FistCesarth72
Emerald SwordSwordBenosa of Darkness & Maxin Saint106
Rainbow ShieldShieldingVenus110
Spellbook of Dark MysteriesMagicDetava97
Mechanical Fishing RodFishingBah Tutah83

Rare Items

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