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Heresies of the new age
Some people claim that the soul vortex was not a creation of the gods. They argue that the sheer concept of souls from 'beyond' entering our realm is by all means very random and could not be planned at all. They suggest that it's a lot more likely that the vortex was actually some damage that was caused to the fabric of reality. Through this hole in reality souls that were never meant to be entered our realm and, so they assume, it's additionally a leak that leaches away the power of the gods. They suggest that war for creation was NOT interrupted because the gods wanted to heal the wounds of the world, but because this powerleak frightened them that much. They further speculate that the withdrawel of the world was more an act of panic, an attempt not to lose complete control over creation, and the process known as awakening is by no means the working of benevolence, but the gods losing grip of the things they tried to hide away from the intruding souls. The theory goes that as there is an ascension for the souls from beyond to achieve some form of godhood, there is a constant descent for the powers of the gods of old due to the power that is leaking away into nothingness and the power the living claim for their own. Of course this heresy is very popular in the ranks of certain ascension cults. More so since it takes care of the more common fear in those conclaves, that the jealous gods may strike back on those who try the ascension.

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