There is actually no need to clear out the damage messages or other messages in the loot channel. At least if you use Tibia-stats' Loot calculator. It seems like a lot of work editing it out. Here is the link to Tibia-stats' calculated [site run by Kagonesti, wanting to get supported, safe]:

Kseni Of Chimera 12:43, 14 July 2009 (UTC)

Neither do you need to clear you messages if you use my script, which will also create the wiki markup. This help page needs updating, but I'm waiting for admins to see if they wish to use my script (because of the wiki markup, it's easy). But either way, it should be updated, heh.

Temahk 12:55, 14 July 2009 (UTC)

Updated page, any opinions? ^^ Bennie (talk ~ fellows) ^^ 18:00, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

i ddin't undertsand

I am not familiar with creating new wiki pages, but after read this once i didn't undertsand at all. Should i start a new page called Template:Loot banana x, pineaple x. then go to the page statistic and edit it? If so how do i create a new wiki page? Is this loot statistic feature meant to be only for those who are willing to read the whole wiki help and find out how to create templates, new pages, .. or it is for the regular users who just edit a page when see something is missing?

I saw something that problably is wrong, it say you can get the loot mesage from 2 places, log channel, or 'party channel, the day log channel was created i stoped receive the loot in the party channel. Is the loot still displayed in the party channel?

Would be too hard for a experto to create a script that would read the discussion page, and then, all the players would need to do was paste his loot statistics in the discussion page?

Maybe create a script to clean the log channel? I usualy hunt demons, but there are lots of messages from manas, or in case of mages, runes used, what makes too time taking clear it to prepare a accurate loot statistics.

In general, i think this page contains instructions to advanced users.

 Maguu 12:21, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

The easiest way to make a new statistics page is to go to the monsters page and click on (create loot statistics) at theend of the loot list. Then simply copy the template and add the things you looted. It's not any more possible to get loot in the party channel the way you did before, but you can make it working the same way the 'server log' works, which won't help you. There are programs which you may use for calculating your loot by copypasting your server log messages there, it's up on google app engine, but I don't think I'm allowed to post any such links on the wiki. Imo the one tibiaml have is worse, but that's subjective. /Dottie 12:46, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for your feedback, I will try to make it easier to understand. ^^ Bennie (talk ~ fellows) ^^ 15:13, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

now i understood and sorry for this big message

After read the discussion page Dottie made it clear that you don't need to use the log channel, and that to create a loot statistic you need to clik in "create loot statistic" in the page of the monster. Surprisingly it is not written in the main page.
Also, what was the most confusing of all, was the main page stating as mandatory to you clean up log channel before you create the loot statistic. This should be an advice on how to do it, there are many other ways. For example, when i hunt demons in yalahar i only kill demons, so to check how many i killed i just need to check the experience i had b4 kill first one, and the experience i got after, and divide by the experience i get in one demon in shared exp. Then divide the loot i got for that number.
So you don't need to be an advanced user to do it. Maybe could state in first line of main page that to do a statistic you just need to clik in the link "create loot statistic" that is placed in every monster page after the description of the loot of the monster.
Then just calculate the loot you got in a determined number of monsters and write it in that page using the formula as example:

|[[Gold]], 40506

Also would be really relevant to avoid confusion to emphasise that the log channel is just one sugestion on how to calculate ur loot before insert in the statistic page.

Also i have 5 questions:

  1. you need to write the name of every single loot you get betwen this symbol "[[ ]]" or can just add "name" "coma" "amount";
  2. the coma after the loot name is necessary?
  3. need to put one item of loot in each line or can do like this "gold, 99, magic plate armor 50, orb 1}}?
  4. if must add one kind of loot in each line, do u need to use this symbol "|" in begin each line or just before each category like "number of kills" "monster name" and "loot"?
  5. just be curiosity is it possible that in some far future someone create a kind of template or script or something that just allow you to copy hundreds of lines of loot from log channel and paste then into a loot page to do the statistic?
 Maguu 16:51, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

  1. Yes, please use the brackets to create the link to the item page
  2. Yes, the script requires the coma
  3. You could put every item on a single line, splitted by a |. But in order to make it easier to read, please put every item on a seperate line
  4. See 3, basicly. The pipe character is used to split the items
  5. Is already possible, see the help page itself. For example, I myself created the script on You can simply copy your Server Log into the box, and it will automatically create the wiki markup for you. All you have to do is copy it to the appriopriate wiki page. I have no intention of hacking or whatsoever, but bear in mind that page is not a supported fansite.

The "Create Loot Statistics" link hasn't always been there. I added it about a week ago, to be included automatically on a page when no loot statistics are present. If they are, a link to these statistics is automatically created.

Temahk 17:00, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

how to add new loot statistics when alreayd have some?

To add new loot statistics is necessary to add manualy the new loot to the old one or is there anyway or any website that can add the loot from this hunt to the loot is already in wiki.. sorry for asking this i am a bit lazy after hunt Yours
Maguu 18:49, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

You'll need to add them up. -- Sixorish3 18:51, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

Indeed this needs to be done manually, but you can always use a calculator. Just add every parameter (the kills and the item amounts) or post them on the loot talk page so somebody else can do it. ^^ Bennie (talk ~ fellows) ^^ 18:58, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

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