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With the introduction of the summer update 2009 it is a lot easier to make Loot Statistics than before. This short guide will give some guidelines and tips to start with. Note that you need to be a bit experienced with wiki-editing to understand this guide, if you're not, please read some other help pages first.

First of all, find a creature from which you can hunt a few hundreds, the more the better. To make completely accurate loot statistics you need to have looted every dropped item at least 2 times, but you can start with any amount.


You need to use the Server Log channel, where the loot messaged are stored. When starting to hunt the monster, right-click on the server log, and press clear window, to have it clean to start with. The server log has one disadvantage, it can hold a maximum of 1000 entries. This can be by-passed by saving the server log every ~30 minutes, and clearing it (to prevent double entries).


When you saved your last entries, open Windows Explorer, type "%appdata%\Tibia" into the address bar and press ENTER.
In this folder you will find the file Server Log.txt. Open the file with e.g. Notepad, select all, and copy&paste it into the Parser on Loot Statistics page, which will generate the loot statistics and will give you the option to add the statistics to the corresponding monster page so you won't need to manually edit the statistics.
Since tibia 8.6, statistics on TibiaWiki are made with Template:Loot2 format, the parser in Loot Statistics uses this format, for special edits without the parser you can view the format requirements here.


This will give you a little inside in how accurate your loot statistics are, although a main guideline would be, the more rare items a creature drops, the more kills you need for accurate loot statistics.

1-100 not really accurate
101-500 gives a general idea
501-1000 quite accurate
1000-2000 accurate
2000-... really accurate
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