You see Hellgorak
  • I'll sacrifice yours souls to seven!
  • I'm bad news for you mortals!
  • No man can defeat me!
  • Your puny skills are no match for me.
  • I smell your fear.
  • Delicious!


Hellgorak is the last survivor of a demonic cabal which succumbed to the Ruthless Seven aeons ago. And Hellgorak is a survivor to the core. As the victory of the Ruthless Seven became more and more evident, he betrayed his allies and switched sides. Hellgorak decided it was better to serve under the Ruthless Seven than to die as a leader. Becoming a minion of the Ruthless Seven did not stop him from developing his evil plans. Slowly but steadily he climbed up in the ranks and used his new power and influence to improve himself. He called in favours, and killed those who possessed wisdom he needed.

Over time, his demonic plans yielded fruits. With the help of stolen secrets and enchantments, his dark body is covered with glowing ancient runes that protect him from most harm. He boasts about his invulnerability which actually was proven a lie by the agents of the inquisition. Still, he shakes off most damage with ease, and it would for sure take an insane amount of attackers to bring him down. It was prophesied that no man will beat him - right before he killed the oracle. Still, he fears the Ruthless Seven who defeated him and his allies in the past. Therefore, it is safe to say that, even though he is nearly invulnerable, Hellgorak is all but immortal.

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It's one of the bosses of The Inquisition Quest.
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Physical Damage Melee (0-800)
⁠, ⁠,
Fire Damage Fireball (0-600)
Debuff Smoke UE (decreases Distance Fighting by 60%)
Energy Damage Energy Hit (200-400)
Mana Drain Mana Drain ball (200-400)
Healing Self-Healing (Changes between 400 and 1700)

Damage Taken From Elements

Physical Bestiary Physical Icon Big.gif
Death Cursed Icon Big.gif
Holy Dazzled Icon Big.gif
Ice Freezing Icon Big.gif
Fire Burning Icon Big.gif
Energy Electrified Icon Big.gif
Earth Poisoned Icon Big.gif


Through the teleport in the Hives in the Inquisition Quest. He is the seventh and final boss.


Fights to the death, retargets rapidly.


He is extremely resistant to all elements players can use. The only way to effectively damage him is to convince the Dreadbeasts which are summoned by the towers around the room. trap Hellgorak with the blocker + 7 dreadbeasts. Druids should use Mass Healing to heal the blocker and the dreadbeasts.