Healing Runes can be carried with a player to be used at any time. There are many benefits to using healing runes:

  1. They heal more hitpoints than Life Fluids
  2. They can be used by any Vocation
  3. They do not require any Mana to use

Name Type NPC Price (gp) Weight (oz)
Cure Poison Rune (Item) Cure Poison Rune (Item) Healing Runes 65 2.10
Healing Rune for Druids Healing Rune for Druids Healing Runes 0 2.10
Intense Healing Rune (Item) Intense Healing Rune (Item) Healing Runes 95 2.10
Tiny Healing Rune Tiny Healing Rune Healing Runes 0 2.10
Ultimate Healing Rune (Item) Ultimate Healing Rune (Item) Healing Runes 175 2.10
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