Heals a specified player. This cannot be used on yourself anymore.


This spell is really useful if you are hunting with a knight because you can heal him by saying Exura Sio "Player Name. Note: that if the person's name consists of only one word, the quotation marks can be omitted.
It heals an amount of hp depending on your level and magic level.


Before the Christmas Update of 2005, the Heal Friend spell couldn't be used if the player were far from you, even if in the screen. After that, all it was needed is to the target be on the screen to use it.

Before the Summer Update 2007 the Heal Friend spell could be used through walls to heal players. Since that update, this is no longer possible.

Before the Update 8.1, this spell only required 70 mana. It was then updated to twice that amount (140 mana).

The mana cost was reduced from 140 to 120 with the Vocation Adjustments Update. Druids generally used this spell on themselves instead of Ultimate Healing as it took less mana and served the same purpose. This is not possible any longer since the Vocation Adjustments Update.

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