You see Hawkyr
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East of Svargrond Arena


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Player: hi
Hawkyr: Hello fellow hunter. Are you looking for paladin spells? I'm your man.
Player: name
Hawkyr: I am Hawkyr the hunter.
Player: job
Hawkyr: I am a hunter and bowyer. If you need some training, I am the man you want to see.
Player: mission or task or quest
Hawkyr: Sorry, I don't have anything to do for you.
Player: king
Hawkyr: In our lands, the most successful hunter is the king. Be it beast or man.
Player: queen
Hawkyr: In our lands, the most successful huntress is the queen. Be it beast or woman.
Player: gods
Hawkyr: The gods of the south seem to have little influence here.
Player: Uman or Zathroth or Banor
Hawkyr: I heard that's some god in the South.
Player: spells
Hawkyr: Sorry, I don't teach spells for your vocation.
Player: druid or shaman
Hawkyr: They know the ways of spirits and nature. You can learn a lot from them just by listening. Still, you can always learn a lot if you're listening well to what nature tells you.
Player: Ferumbras
Hawkyr: Better ask the Southerners about that one.
Player: Excalibug
Hawkyr: A weapon hardly useful for a hunter.
Player: news
Hawkyr: The wolves are very hungry lately.
Player: Carlin
Hawkyr: I don't think I'd like that place and it's not only that this is not my marked territory.
Player: Edron or Port Hope
Hawkyr: Only foreigners talk about that place now and then.
Player: Svargrond
Hawkyr: I admire the safety of the burrow and the closeness of the pack. It's a good thing to have a lair to which you can withdraw to lick your wounds.
Player: Thais
Hawkyr: Thais is some far away city.
Player: Venore
Hawkyr: Carlin and Venore seem to live in some sort of rivalry.
Player: monsters
Hawkyr: There are no monsters. It's only a matter of being hunting or being hunted.
Player: enemies
Hawkyr: We have many enemies but our spirit and our bodies are strong. We are fit enough to survive.
Player: Bonelords
Hawkyr: I think there is no such creature. The Southerners are just making up those stories.
Player: dwarf
Hawkyr: Most dwarfs I've seen seem to lack the stealthiness to become a good hunter.
Player: elf
Hawkyr: Elves are good hunters. Even I was able to learn something from the elves that came here. I am thinking about visiting their city some day.
Player: chakoya
Hawkyr: The chakoya are ferocious hunters. They don't only kill out of hunger, they love the carnage they are causing.
Player: yeti
Hawkyr: Yetis are rare but they do exist. Everyone that has been hunting in the frozen wastes for some time can share stories of their sightings.
Player: dragon
Hawkyr: It's not easy to hunt dragons. Suddenly, a hunter might become the hunted in their lairs.
Player: cult
Hawkyr: I don't know anything about it.
Player: barbarian
Hawkyr: Being a barbarian means to be one with nature and its instincts.
Player: join or barbarian test
Hawkyr: You will have to speak with our jarl Sven to begin the barbarian test.
Player: leader
Hawkyr: Our city benefits much from the strength and wisdom of our jarl. He is a great top dog who knows what is best for his kin.
Player: jarl
Hawkyr: Our jarl was a great hunter in his younger days. He is still my idol.
Player: raiders
Hawkyr: Their packs are not of our kin anymore. They left our pack. We will see how they prosper. They have nothing to expect from us except for cold steel in their hearts.
Player: camps
Hawkyr: The camps of the raiders are to the south. Although, you can find hunting parties almost everywhere on those isles.
Player: mines
Hawkyr: As far as I have understood it, they are of some importance for the people of Carlin.
Player: Chyll
Hawkyr: Father north wind knows best.
Player: Nibelor
Hawkyr: An isle on which the shamans live.
Player: years of serpents
Hawkyr: I wonder if even bigger hunter have driven them away.
Player: how are you?
Hawkyr: I only feel alive when I'm on a hunt. But even I need some time to rest and regain strength.
Player: bye
Hawkyr: Good hunting, Player.