Status Conditions
Bleed IconBleedingHarmful
Burning IconBurningHarmful
Cursed IconCursedHarmful
Dazzled IconDazzledHarmful
Drowning IconDrowningHarmful
Electrified IconElectrifiedHarmful
Feared IconFearedHarmful
Freezing IconFreezingHarmful
Haste IconHastedPositive
Hexed IconHexedHarmful
Hungry Icon2HungryNeutral
Logout Block IconLogout BlockNeutral
Magic Shield IconMagic ShieldNeutral
Poisoned IconPoisonedHarmful
Protection Zone Block IconProtection Zone BlockNegative
Rooted IconRootedHarmful
Slowed IconSlowedNegative
Strengthened IconStrengthenedPositive
Within Protection Zone IconWithin Protection ZonePositive
Within Active Resting Area IconWithin Active Resting AreaPositive
Within Resting Area IconWithin Resting AreaNeutral

Haste Icon The hasted icon is displayed while your character is under the effects of a Haste spell. It's also displayed while you're character still experiences the effects of eating Filled Jalapeño Peppers, Coconut Shrimp Bake or, in some cases, a Demonic Candy Ball. You will move faster than normal while this is active.

Many creatures cast this spell as well.
See also: Haste and Strong Haste

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