• It's name is the Latin word for 'Harmony'.
  • Harmonia was the first world to complete the Pits of Inferno Quest, which was done on December 23, 2006 by Guild Ruthless and friends.
  • Harmonia was the second world to defeat Ferumbras, which was done a total of 5 times. They never failed.
  • Harmonia was the only world which managed to kill Ferumbras in Update 7.9. It was considered to be impossible since 21 other worlds failed.
  • Harmonia was the first world to complete The Inquisition Quest, which was done on June 3, 2008 by Guild Ruthless and friends.
  • Harmonia has the first player to reach level 300 on Tibia, who also used to be the highest leveled player for some time, Mateusz Dragon Wielki.
  • Harmonia has the first paladin to reach level 200 on Tibia, Pancras Dragonheart.
  • Harmonia has the third player to reach level 500 on Tibia, Scorpion Andree.


  • It's pretty easy to get a start equipment from high levels for free
  • You cannot be killed because it's optional-PvP.
  • Fast spawn.
  • Easy to find guilds.
  • Easy to make friends because there are lots of players from a lot of different countries.
  • Low prices.
  • There are powerful guilds that make fast and cheap quest services.


  • It can be hard to sell certain items.
  • Because the server is very full, the players are not always friendly and it can be difficult to find a place to hunt.
  • Loads of botters and scammers.
  • World chat is in Polish language.
  • English chat is sometimes quiet.

Quests and Achievements

  • Pancras Dragonheart was the first player who reached level 100 and 200 in Harmonia, also the first paladin level 200 in whole Tibia (being the twelfth player to reach level 200).
  • Penancea was the first knight who reached level 100 in Harmonia.
  • Prometheus Ascarus was the first sorcerer who reached level 100 in Harmonia.
  • Geo Rage was the first druid who reached level 100 in Harmonia (the original character doesn't exist anymore).
  • The Annihilator Quest was first done on January, 2005 by Penancea, Pancras Dragonheart, Herganon and Erganon.
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