You see a hand of cursed fate.


    It is unknown to mankind whether this hand is some pure materialisation of demonic essence or actually a body part of a greater evil. It is sure though that its existence is fuelled by powerful demonic forces. Living or animated, it is a fast and powerful minion in the demonic ranks. Yet obviously lacking a head, the creature is quite cunning and loves dirty surprise attacks. It usually attacks with individual fingers, but it is also said that the Hand of Cursed Fate sometimes grasps an opponent to crush it in its powerful grip. Its greatest pleasure is to bring pain and despair to others. Above all it enjoys the suffering of creatures. The Hand of Cursed Fate is attracted by those whom it senses as doomed and takes greatest amusement in their demise. Therefore it is a powerful adversary, and it is no mockery when it is claimed that the Hand of Cursed Fate can pull some dirty tricks out of its sleeve.

    A demonic minion with sole purpose to bring pain and despair to all who enter its domain. It has the ability to deal high amounts of damage and can also Mana Drain making it one of the most dangerous creatures in Tibia. The Hand of Cursed Fate's boss is The Handmaiden. It's the first creature known to drop a non-blank rune.


    Melee (0-520; poisons you up to 19 Hitpoints per turn), Mana Drain (0-920+), Death Strike (0-880+), Invisibility, Strong Haste, Self-Healing, causes Drunkenness

    Damage Taken From Elements

    • Physical
    • Holy
    • Death
    • Fire
    • Energy
    • Ice
    • Earth


    A cowardly creature that retreats early upon being damaged and often goes invisible. A hand of cursed fate will retreat at 6000 (80%, light green) health.


    Since it has no ranged damaging attack, it is a good idea to have a Knight blocking it and as many shooters as possible. This may be tricky though since it can disappear, and you have to find it with Runes. So, that Knight must try to lure it in a place where it can't move, and then spam it with Ice and Holy-Based Spells. Note though that when using Haste, the creature can become extremely fast, about the speed of a level 650+ so don't expect to chase it until it has slowed down. Try to trap the creature with a Knight blocker and possibly some Wild Growths.


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