You see Halvar
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Svargrond Arena, fighter entrance


He is in charge of the Svargrond Arena. If you want to fight in the arena, you must talk to him. He charges 1,000 gp for greenhorn difficult, 5,000 gp for scrapper difficult and 10,000 gp for warlord difficult. He'll only let you enter the arena if you completed the barbarian test.

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 == General keywords ==

Player: hi
Halvar: Hello competitor! Do you want to {fight} in the arena or shall I explain the {rules} first?
Player: job
Halvar: My job is to explain about the rules and to get the fee from the competitors.
Player: mission
Halvar: Well I would rather call it an 'Ultimate Challenge' than a mission.
Player: name or king or queen or gods or Ferumbras or Excalibug or news or druids or shamans or Carlin or Edron or Port Hope or Svargrond or Thais or Venore or dwarf or elf or dragon or yeti or chakoya or cult or bait or jarl or barbarian or raiders or mines or Chyll or Nibelor or Banor or years of serpents or how are you?
Halvar: I have no time to talk and you should FIGHT instead of wasting your time here!
Player: bye
Halvar: Bye.

Arena - General

Player: death or backpack or die
Halvar: It would be better not to die! In every pit there is an emergency exit to the south. If you die in a pit... well... your corpse and backpack are gone, so enter at your own risk.
Player: potion
Halvar: Like I said: Everything is allowed. Go in, kill monsters and try not to get killed by your own.
Player: weapon
Halvar: You can use whatever you want but be aware that you might lose items and your backpack if you die.
Player: rules
Halvar: What do you want to know? Something about the three different {difficulties}, the {general} rules or the {prices}? Maybe you also want to know what happens when you {die}?
Player: fee or prices
Halvar: The fee depends on the difficulty you choose. If you are a Greenhorn you have to pay 1000 gold, as a Scrapper you have to pay 5000 gold and as a Warlord the participation fee is 10000 gold. ...
Halvar: Each competitor who manages to win all ten pits will win the arena goblet and an unique item appropriate to your difficulty level.
Player: general
Halvar: First you pay me the participation fee according to the difficulty you choose. This will grant you access to the door near me. ...
Halvar: In the next room there you will find three teleporters. They all lead to the first pit, which you can enter as soon as there is no battle going on there anymore. ...
Halvar: Beware though - when you enter the pit there is no turning back and the fight will start immediately! ...
Halvar: Should you notice that you have overestimated your abilities, you can run for your life and flee through the teleporter to the south of the pit. ...
Halvar: However, no real barbarian would run from a fight, right? When you successfully killed your opponent, a teleporter will appear to the west that brings you to the next pit. ...
Halvar: If there is still a fight going on in the pit you would proceed to, there will be a red shrine stone placed instead. ...
Halvar: As soon as the warrior in the next pit leaves the area, the red shrine stone will change into a teleporter. ...
Halvar: However if that warrior died, you have to walk in front of the red shrine stone to create a teleporter. ...
Halvar: There is a time limit of six to seven minutes to finish each pit. When the flame of life in the upper left corner is starting to wane, you have exactly one minute left to proceed to the next room. ...
Halvar: If you take longer to kill the monster and leave the room you will be kicked out dishonourably.

Arena dificulties

Player: difficulties
Halvar: There are three difficulties: Greenhorn, Scrapper and Warlord. On each challenge you will be confronted with ten monsters increasing in strength. ...
Halvar: Besides the glory and honour you will earn we have unique awards for those who manage to pass the arena completely.
Player: warlord
Halvar: Only the strongest among us will take this challenge. The fee is 10000 gold. If you pass that I promise you the respect of all citizens here. You will be a hero!
Player: scrapper
Halvar: The most common difficulty for us. The fee is 5000 gold. So if you are experienced in fighting middle class monsters this is your challenge!
Player: greenhorn
Halvar: That is the easiest way in our arena. The fee is 1000 gold. We were setting this up for of our children to challenge some easy monsters and train them for the future.


Player: arena or fight or challenge or pit
Halvar: So you agree to the rules and want to participate in the challenge? Which difficulty do you choose, Greenhorn, Scrapper or Warlord?
Player: anything
Halvar: Then not. Get away and don't waste my time! (end of conversation)

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