Downstairs are 5 Wall Lamps, one Wine Cask, one Beer Cask, one Dustbin and 2 Blackboards. On the ground floor there are 2 Fountains, 12 Wooden Chairs, 6 Small Tables, and 6 Wall Lamps. Outside the guildhall are one Dustbin and 2 Fire Basins. Upstairs are 7 Wall Lamps, 3 Wardrobes and one Dustbin.


North of Thais.


The ground floor has one of the largest open house PZ's (just enough to fit a chess board). These are the rooms:

  • basement: two 3x5 rooms with 3 beds each, two 2x3 rooms, 6x7 room with chairs, 2x4 passage room.
  • ground floor: 8x12 room with chairs and fountains, two 2x3 passage rooms.
  • first floor: three 3x3 rooms with 1 bed and 1 wardrobe each, 5x7 with 9 beds, two 14 sqm passage rooms.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 15380 gold per month.

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