The basement has a swimming-pool and 6 Beach Chairs.


Right across from the Cemetery Quarter in the northern side of Inner City.


The courtyard is open to the public, with a Mailbox. There are three separate towers that make up this guildhall, connected by the ground floor courtyard and walkways on the third floor. There is 1 room in the basement with a swimming pool. There are 3 rooms in each of the three towers on the ground floor. One without beds, one with 1 bed, and the other has 3 beds. The first floor has 3 rooms, 1 room in the west tower, 1 room in the north tower with 4 beds and 1 room in the south tower with 2 beds. On the second floor, there are 3 rooms with one in each tower connected by a walkway. Both the west and the south towers have 3 beds in each room and the north tower has 2 beds. On the third floor, there are 5 rooms, 1 room in the west tower with 3 beds, 2 rooms in the north tower with 1 bed per room and 2 rooms in the south tower, one with 2 beds and the other room with no beds.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 23360 gold per month.

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