You see a hailstorm rod.
Classification: 1 Tier: 0.
It can only be wielded properly by druids of level 33 or higher.
It weighs 27.00 oz.
It grants you the power of striking your foes with furious hailstorms.


An upgrade from the Terra Rod and the druid's equivalent of the sorcerer's Wand of Inferno. It is the ice damage counterpart to the Springsprout Rod and the Underworld Rod. Hailstorm Rods replaced Tempest Rod Tempest Rods in the Winter Update 2007, which in turn replaced Elven Wand Elven Wands in the Winter Update 2005.

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Needed for Mage Outfits Quest (male) and Summoner Outfits Quest (female).
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Trade Details

Sell To

Yaman1Mal'ouquah3,000 Gold