You see H.L.
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    His shop in the Outlaw Camp


    Reaching H.L. requires a long trip and used to be dangerous (in the event of lured monsters). H.L. doesn't pay you incredibly well, but he buys many items that cannot be sold at any other shop, although most of those items are more profitable selling to other players.
    H.L. seems to be especially hostile to females, in earlier times he even refused to trade with them. In earlier times, people only used to come to him to sell Scale Armors, but when these could eventually also be sold to other, more nearby Weapon Shopkeeper NPCs, he became more and more lonely. Another cause of this is that the items he buys aren't well paid for. For example, he buys Demon Armors, Dragon Scale Mails and Magic Plate Armors for less than 1000 gps. He even buys the legendary Blessed Shield for a mere 650 gps!

    Trade Details


    Ancient Shield.gifAncient Shield49 Gold
    Axe.gifAxe6 Gold
    Barbarian Axe.gifBarbarian Axe30 Gold
    Battle Axe.gifBattle Axe40 Gold
    Battle Hammer.gifBattle Hammer40 Gold
    Battle Shield.gifBattle Shield50 Gold
    Black Shield.gifBlack Shield5 Gold
    Blessed Shield.gifBlessed Shield650 Gold
    Bonelord Shield.gifBonelord Shield79 Gold
    Bow.gifBow15 Gold
    Brass Armor.gifBrass Armor50 Gold
    Brass Helmet.gifBrass Helmet8 Gold
    Brass Legs.gifBrass Legs15 Gold
    Brass Shield.gifBrass Shield15 Gold
    Bright Sword.gifBright Sword280 Gold
    Broadsword.gifBroadsword10 Gold
    Carlin Sword.gifCarlin Sword5 Gold
    Chain Armor.gifChain Armor30 Gold
    Chain Helmet.gifChain Helmet4 Gold
    Clerical Mace.gifClerical Mace30 Gold
    Club.gifClub1 Gold
    Combat Knife.gifCombat Knife1 Gold
    Copper Shield.gifCopper Shield10 Gold
    Crossbow.gifCrossbow20 Gold
    Crowbar.gifCrowbar1 Gold
    Crown Armor.gifCrown Armor210 Gold
    Crown Helmet.gifCrown Helmet70 Gold
    Crown Legs.gifCrown Legs60 Gold
    Crown Shield.gifCrown Shield109 Gold
    Dagger.gifDagger1 Gold
    Dark Armor.gifDark Armor130 Gold
    Dark Helmet.gifDark Helmet40 Gold
    Dark Shield.gifDark Shield60 Gold
    Demon Armor.gifDemon Armor195 Gold
    Demon Helmet.gifDemon Helmet95 Gold
    Demon Legs.gifDemon Legs84 Gold
    Demon Shield.gifDemon Shield130 Gold
    Devil Helmet.gifDevil Helmet80 Gold
    Double Axe.gifDouble Axe70 Gold
    Doublet.gifDoublet1 Gold
    Dragon Lance.gifDragon Lance90 Gold
    Dragon Scale Legs.gifDragon Scale Legs180 Gold
    Dragon Scale Mail.gifDragon Scale Mail280 Gold
    Dragon Shield.gifDragon Shield115 Gold
    Dwarven Shield.gifDwarven Shield55 Gold
    Fire Axe.gifFire Axe280 Gold
    Fire Sword.gifFire Sword335 Gold
    Giant Sword.gifGiant Sword100 Gold
    Golden Armor.gifGolden Armor580 Gold
    Golden Helmet.gifGolden Helmet420 Gold
    Golden Legs.gifGolden Legs120 Gold
    Golden Sickle.gifGolden Sickle10 Gold
    Great Axe.gifGreat Axe300 Gold
    Great Shield.gifGreat Shield480 Gold
    Griffin Shield.gifGriffin Shield59 Gold
    Guardian Halberd.gifGuardian Halberd120 Gold
    Guardian Shield.gifGuardian Shield150 Gold
    Halberd.gifHalberd50 Gold
    Hand Axe.gifHand Axe5 Gold
    Hatchet.gifHatchet7 Gold
    Horned Helmet.gifHorned Helmet155 Gold
    Ice Rapier.gifIce Rapier250 Gold
    Iron Hammer.gifIron Hammer9 Gold
    Iron Helmet.gifIron Helmet30 Gold
    Katana.gifKatana8 Gold
    Knife.gifKnife1 Gold
    Knight Armor.gifKnight Armor140 Gold
    Knight Axe.gifKnight Axe50 Gold
    Knight Legs.gifKnight Legs130 Gold
    Leather Armor.gifLeather Armor2 Gold
    Leather Helmet.gifLeather Helmet1 Gold
    Legion Helmet.gifLegion Helmet8 Gold
    Longsword.gifLongsword8 Gold
    Mace.gifMace8 Gold
    Machete.gifMachete6 Gold
    Magic Longsword.gifMagic Longsword460 Gold
    Magic Plate Armor.gifMagic Plate Armor720 Gold
    Magic Sword.gifMagic Sword350 Gold
    Mastermind Shield.gifMastermind Shield550 Gold
    Morning Star.gifMorning Star50 Gold
    Naginata.gifNaginata80 Gold
    Noble Armor.gifNoble Armor140 Gold
    Obsidian Lance.gifObsidian Lance50 Gold
    Orcish Axe.gifOrcish Axe12 Gold
    Ornamented Shield.gifOrnamented Shield45 Gold
    Plate Armor.gifPlate Armor110 Gold
    Plate Shield.gifPlate Shield25 Gold
    Poison Dagger.gifPoison Dagger5 Gold
    Rapier.gifRapier5 Gold
    Rose Shield.gifRose Shield49 Gold
    Sabre.gifSabre6 Gold
    Scale Armor.gifScale Armor75 Gold
    Scimitar.gifScimitar10 Gold
    Serpent Sword.gifSerpent Sword15 Gold
    Shield of Honour.gifShield of Honour520 Gold
    Short Sword.gifShort Sword3 Gold
    Sickle.gifSickle1 Gold
    Silver Dagger.gifSilver Dagger1 Gold
    Silver Mace.gifSilver Mace270 Gold
    Soldier Helmet.gifSoldier Helmet16 Gold
    Spear.gifSpear2 Gold
    Spike Sword.gifSpike Sword25 Gold
    Staff.gifStaff1 Gold
    Steel Helmet.gifSteel Helmet60 Gold
    Steel Shield.gifSteel Shield30 Gold
    Stonecutter Axe.gifStonecutter Axe320 Gold
    Strange Helmet.gifStrange Helmet55 Gold
    Studded Armor.gifStudded Armor18 Gold
    Studded Helmet.gifStudded Helmet2 Gold
    Studded Legs.gifStudded Legs15 Gold
    Studded Shield.gifStudded Shield2 Gold
    Sword.gifSword7 Gold
    Throwing Knife.gifThrowing Knife2 Gold
    Throwing Star.gifThrowing Star2 Gold
    Thunder Hammer.gifThunder Hammer450 Gold
    Tower Shield.gifTower Shield90 Gold
    Two Handed Sword.gifTwo Handed Sword60 Gold
    Vampire Shield.gifVampire Shield119 Gold
    Viking Helmet.gifViking Helmet12 Gold
    Viking Shield.gifViking Shield35 Gold
    War Hammer.gifWar Hammer90 Gold
    Warlord Sword.gifWarlord Sword360 Gold
    Warrior Helmet.gifWarrior Helmet75 Gold
    Winged Helmet.gifWinged Helmet320 Gold
    Wooden Shield.gifWooden Shield1 Gold


    This NPC does not sell anything.