The Guzzlemaw Valley (aka Roshamuul Valley, Valley, West or just Mid) is a rocky area scattered with ruins which separates Lower Roshamuul and Upper Roshamuul. It is located up the ramp from the boat and base camp in Lower Roshamuul and across the bridge. This area is not accessible until the bridge is repaired (see each Game World for its current stage). The eastern part of the valley is also known as Bones because that's where Large Pile of Various Bones are found.

Some ruins in the western half have stairs which can provide some temporary safety. East by north-east is the wall which, when breached, is the entrance to Upper Roshamuul. Further east from the wall is Mawhawk's Lair, only accessible after desecrating enough shrines in the valley. In the south-east is the Silencer Plateau. Warning: Sights of Surrender can appear anywhere in the valley when enough tasks have been completed.

The Roshamuul Valley is a very good hunting place. At lower levels, a duo of a Knight and Druid can hunt on the western area for very high experience and profit. The usual hunting strategy consists in the Druid trapping himself using Wild Growth Runes in predefined corners while the Knight lures and blocks the creatures. For this reason, parties with the other vocations are not recommended because they won't be able to protect themselves from the creatures and the hunt can be very dangerous. At higher levels (400 for Knights, 500 for Paladins), it's also possible to hunt here solo, though extra care should be taken with the amount of creatures lure and the equipment used. The same hunting strategies can be used on the eastern, Guzzlemaw-crowded area, at higher levels.

Life Drain protection is essential here to mitigate a considerable amount of damage dealt by Frazzlemaws and Guzzlemaw.

Shock Head
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If less than 100 Blowing Horns tasks have been done the day before:

Sight of Surrender
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