1 Wine and 1 Beer Cask, Dustbins, 2 Blackboards, Wall Lamps.


Fibula, north part of town


This was one of the first guildhalls made in Tibia. It was built for the second Tibian guild, Red Rose on the Antica server, which has owned it ever since. These are the rooms:

  • basement: two 4x5 rooms with 3 beds each, 4x9 with 7 beds, 4x7 room, 11x12 with a central counter.
  • ground floor: 6x12 room with counter.
  • first floor: 5x room with 2 beds, 6x room, 3x5 balcony.


Before April 15, 2019, this house's rent was 27725 gold per month.

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