Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Rathleton
Position 130.213, 124.239, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Informer
Other Properties
Version 10.5
July 7, 2014
Status Active
Guide Kunibert
You see Guide Kunibert.
  • Hello, is this your first visit to Rathleton? I can show you around a little.
  • Talk to me if you need directions.
  • Need some help finding your way through Rathleton? Let me assist you.
  • I can inform you about the status of this world, if you're interested.
  • Free escort to the depot for newcomers!


Near the raft west on Oramond.


Kunibert helps newcomers find their way through Rathleton by marking important places such as the depot and the bank in the players' automap and escorting new players to the depot.


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Player: hi or hello
Guide Kunibert: Welcome to {Rathleton}, Player! Looking for a {transport} to the main isle of Oramond or would you like some {information} and a {map} guide?
Player: traveller
Guide Kunibert: Perhaps you want to learn a bit more about the city of {Rathleton} or you are looking for a fast {transport} to the city? Feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind.
Player: Rathleton
Guide Kunibert: For a long time, our city was shut off from the rest of the world by a thick {mist} that made it impossible to pass through the storm-plagued reefs which surround the isle. ...
Guide Kunibert: We established contact to the outside world only recently and were surprised how {different} things are handled out there.
Player: mist
Guide Kunibert: The mist is a strange phenomenon that seems to have ebbed and waned ever since people can remember. When the first foreigners arrived here they did not mention the mist at all, so it might have not been around in that time. ...
Guide Kunibert: But later tries to leave the isle met with disaster; and eventually no one bothered to try. When the mist arises it usually lasts for decades, if not centuries. If it vanishes, it is gone for about the same time. ...
Guide Kunibert: Since the mists only recently retreated, we hope to have at least a few decades of contact with the rest of the world.
Player: different
Guide Kunibert: The economy of our {city} is based on a rare substance called {glooth}. It's produced by the gloothworms and can change its structure under the influence of {lightning}.
Player: city
Guide Kunibert: Would you like to learn more about the city's {layout}, our {government} or our {economy}?
Player: layout
Guide Kunibert: In downtown you'll find the factories, living quarters and the like, whereas the magistrate, the shops and some of the more expensive houses are found in uptown on the hill. I've marked a few points of interest on your map.
Player: government
Guide Kunibert: We have no kings or the like. The {magistrate} runs the city according to the {will} of the people.
Player: magistrate
Guide Kunibert: The magistrate oversees the ruling of the city. Of course only following the {will} of the people.
Guide Kunibert: The magistrate is only responsible for execution of decisions that were made by the votings. If you get accustomed to Rathleton you'll soon enough learn about the amazing voting system that we have here.
Player: will
Guide Kunibert: All citizens may vote on what should be done. The number of votes a person may spend is determined by the contribution of that person to the city's prosperity. ...
Guide Kunibert: There are several issues to vote upon and even outsiders like you can earn voting rights with some {contribution}.
Player: contribution
Guide Kunibert: There are several things that can be done to enhance the welfare of the city. Just walk around and have a look. You should find plenty of opportunities to improve your standing with the city and earn votes.
Player: economy
Guide Kunibert: Natural resources are quite rare and precious here, but we have one thing that distinguishes us from everywhere else, and that's the gloothworms. ...
Guide Kunibert: They are tiny creatures that constantly produce a slimy substance that we call {glooth}. Glooth is the raw material which many of our crafts depend upon.
Player: glooth
Guide Kunibert: The glooth is an extremely useful discovery that changed everything for us. ...
Guide Kunibert: All the possibilities to shape and use the glooth made it possible to free resources for other projects and provided us with a constant and stable supply of material and energy. ...
Guide Kunibert: When treated with {lightning}, the glooth changes its properties drastically and permanently. ...
Guide Kunibert: The glooth is a marvel to behold! You can't imagine how versatile it actually is. I could tell you for hours about the advantages of glooth, but why not go to Rathleton and see it first-hand!
Player: lightning
Guide Kunibert: Somehow, lightning influences the way the glooth can be used. If you apply a certain degree of lightning energy to the glooth, it turns into an entirely different substance than before. ...
Guide Kunibert: It can be turned into an elastic substance that can be given a variety of shapes in its creation process. ...
Guide Kunibert: It can become hard like metal or even achieve various states of liquidity, where it behaves in a completely different way and can be used as fuel for fires, grease for machine parts or even as nutrition for people. ...
Guide Kunibert: We found many uses for the glooth, and yet, ingenious inventors still come up with new shapes and new uses every now and then.
Player: transport
Guide Kunibert: The best and actually the only way to reach the city is the {slooth} over there. It connects this isle with a {glooth} powered slide system with the city. ...
Guide Kunibert: There are several side tunnels and it's hard to catch the right one on that speed. It might take a while until you get the knack of steering your slide right to the middle of the city, but the other tunnels should bring you close enough.
Player: information
Guide Kunibert: Currently, I can tell you all about the {town}, its {temple}, the {bank}, {shops}, {spell trainers} and the {depot}, as well as about the {adventurer's guild}, {hunting grounds}, {quests} and the {world status}.
Player: town
Guide Kunibert: This city is a modern marvel of progress. The city's wealth and industry is based on the famous {glooth}. The {magistrate} runs the city according to the wishes of its inhabitants.
Player: temple
Guide Kunibert: The temple can be found in one of the uptown districts. Look for stairs up from the lower city, you'll find the temple in the northwest of the upper city.
Player: bank
Guide Kunibert: The First Oramond Bank is an important part of Rathleton, and is situated in the centre of the upper city. I can {mark} it on your map if you want.
Player: shops
Guide Kunibert: You can buy almost everything here! Visit one of our shops for {weapons}, {armors}, {magical} equipment, {spells}, {gems}, {tools}, {furniture} and everything else you can imagine.
Player: weapon or armor
Guide Kunibert: You can buy weapons and armor in Flint's Finest, and ammunition in The Archer's Grounds. I can {mark} them on your map if you want.
Player: magic
Guide Kunibert: Magical equipment like runes and potions can be bought in The Magic Emporium, or let me {mark} it on your map.
Player: spell
Guide Kunibert: The first address for learning spells of your vocation is The Barbican. I can {mark} it on your map.
Player: gem
Guide Kunibert: Edmund Orlond runs a select shop in the Bank building, on the second floor. I can {mark} it on your map if you like.
Player: tool
Guide Kunibert: General goods like ropes and shovels can be bought in Maro's Tool shop. I can {mark} it on your map if you want.
Player: furniture
Guide Kunibert: You can buy furniture in Nicholas' shop, Interior Design. There you can buy some of Rathleton's finest glooth-made furniture as well as the latest Venorean imports. I can {mark} it on your map.
Player: spell trainers
Guide Kunibert: The first address for learning spells of your vocation is The Barbican. I can {mark} it on your map.
Player: depot
Guide Kunibert: The depot is a place where you can safely store your belongings. You are also protected against attacks there. I {escort} newcomers there.
Player: adventurer's guild
Guide Kunibert: The adventurer's guild provides help and information for young adventurers such as you. You should really visit their base as soon as possible to get known to them. Just use your adventurer's stone in the local temple to visit their base. ...
Guide Kunibert: If you have lost your adventurer's stone due to stup... umm, some freak accident you can get a new one by talking to the local priest about it.
Player: hunting grounds
Guide Kunibert: Rathleton is a fairly dangerous place. I really don't recommend newcomers to travel there alone. Even in the lower city, you are probably dead as soon as you set a foot in there.
Player: quests
Guide Kunibert: Well, you will find quests and tasks in abundance in Rathleton. But I advise utmost caution here. ...
Guide Kunibert: Why not visit the {adventurer's guild} and head on to {Eclesius}, he might have some {missions} for you. Most tasks that you can do for the magistrate are probably not suitable for newcomers.
Player: Eclesius
Guide Kunibert: You might consider working for the wizard Eclesius who asked us for some talented help. He created a magic portal on the beach in front of the headquarter of the {adventurer's guild}. ... USE it to instantly travel to his homestead.
Player: mission (after being blessed at lease once)
Guide Kunibert: Sorry, but right now you already received one or more blessings. In order to start this mission you shouldn't have received one. Please return if this is the case. Farewell.
Player: world status
Guide Kunibert: If you'd like to know the status of this world just say the {keyword} for a world {change}.
Player: keyword or change
Guide Kunibert: Valid keywords are: {Horestis}, {Mage Tower}, {Master's Voice}, {Swamp Fever}, {Thornfire}, {Twisted Waters}, {Awash}, {Steamship}, {Horses}, {Overhunting}, {Demon War}, {Deepling} or {Hive}.
Player: map or mark
Guide Kunibert: Would you like me to mark locations like the warehouses, temple and depot on your map?
Player: yes (after saying map or mark)
Guide Kunibert: Here you go.
Player: (anything else after saying map or mark)
Guide Kunibert: Well, nothing wrong about exploring the town on your own. Let me know if you need something!
Player: escort (above level 10)
Guide Kunibert: This service is only for newcomers below level 10. I think you can manage the way on your own! If you need marks on your map, let me know.
Player: escort (below level 10)
Guide Kunibert: Yes, I escort newcomers to the depot. Do you want me to bring you there?
Player: yes (after saying escort and being below level 10)
Guide Kunibert: And here we go!
Player: (anything else after saying escort and being below level 10)
Guide Kunibert: Well, you seem to know your way around. Take care!
Player: name
Guide Kunibert: I'm Kunibert, of course.
Player: job
Guide Kunibert: I will help you find your way in the marvellous city of {Rathleton}. I can {mark} important locations on your {map} and give you some {information} about the town and the {world status}.
Player: time
Guide Kunibert: It's time right now. Which other {information} do you require?
Player: (an unacceptable keyword after saying hi or hello)
Guide Kunibert: Well, you seem to know your way around. Take care!
Player: (any unacceptable keyword)
Guide Kunibert: Sorry, I don't have anything to tell you about this topic.
Player: bye
Guide Kunibert: Good bye and enjoy your stay in Rathleton, Player.

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