For a list of mounts, see Mounts. This is a guide to the mounts available to the typical player.

General Information

In Tibia you can tame a creature to become your mount. Usually you do this by using a specific item on a creature. When you have tamed a mount you can press Ctrl+R to mount, but only if you are outside of a Protection Zone. If you enter a protection zone while mounted, you will automatically dismount.

The only benefit mounts can provide is a permanent boost to speed (+10 speed levels) while mounted. They do not assist you in combat, except by boosting movement speed. All mounts provide the same amount of speed, but this may change in the future.

For a lot of mounts, you can simply buy an item and use it. Some, however, like the The Hellgrip, require a quest. Some are event-based, while many others are simply purchased from the Store.

NPC Lothar north-west of Carlin has information about many mounts. Some players have speculated that talking to him prior to taming can increase your chances. This is unconfirmed, but is not likely.

Free-Account Mounts

There is one free account mount in the game:

This mount is not permanent. It can be ridden for a day before it returns to the station and can only be rented during a World Change. For more information see Horse Station World Change.

Besides that, mounts purchased from the Store can be used even if the account isn't Premium.


The cheapest mount is possibly the War Horse. You can tame the War Horse using Sugar Oats, which are easy to obtain yourself. It is not recommended to buy these unless you can find them cheaply, because usually they are overpriced. You may need over 100 sugar oats to tame the War Horse and there may be considerable competition, as the War Horse only spawns infrequently during a World Change. For more information see Horse Station World Change.

Other options are:

Rare Mounts

Some mounts are prestigious as they take dedication to find or tame. These mounts are:

Since the raid system revamp these are more common. Players have discovered a pattern within the raid system and can predict the spawn time for these monsters fairly accurately. Some players abuse the mechanics of the game to check on these monsters, notably the Crustacea Gigantica at Treasure Island spawns in an area with monsters that cannot sense Invisibility; thus, a level 8 character can check the spawn and log off with a Stealth Ring equipped.

Expensive Mounts

These mounts are not hard to obtain, the creatures may be readily available but the taming item may be expensive or hard to find.

Extremely Expensive Mounts

Obtaining the items required for these mounts is so hard that they may cost dozens or even hundreds of millions of gold.

Store Mounts

CipSoft has released a few mounts that can be bought with Tibia Coins or were a reward for purchasing Premium Time during a certain period. Initially these were rare with a unique look. Since then, CipSoft has released mounts that are simple palette-swaps of existing ones. Players are not expected to purchase all of these, but can purchase as many as they like. The promotional mounts are the only mounts that can exist in Rookgaard, Dawnport and the Island of Destiny.

The Music Box

When Chayenne left she gave us all a little present. The Music Box can be used to tame any of Chayenne's favorite mounts without fail. Some of these mounts are harder or more expensive than others normally. Keep in mind that some servers, i.e. new non-transferrable servers, do not have Chayenne's Magical Key, and thus cannot have Music Boxes. However, CipSoft has rewarded Chayenne's Magical Key in special events, so it's possible the new servers will eventually have them but they will be extremely rare.

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