Guards are stationed for the protection of certain areas. Most guards are patrolling the outskirts of larger cities in case of an attack. Other guards are stationed farther from town as a lookout to provide more advance warning of an attack. Most persons of importance have personal guards that look out for their safety and honor. An interesting fact about guards is that if you engage them in conversation, and then use foul language, they will attack you.

See also: Captain of Guard NPCs and Sheriff NPCs

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Ghostly Guardian A Ghostly Guardian.gif Guard In the Dream Realm under the Plains of Havoc.
A Ghostly Knight A Ghostly Knight.gif Guard Leverroom in the Pits of Inferno under the Plains of Havoc.
A Goblin Exile A Goblin Exile.gif Clairvoyant
Krailos, down a Pitfall to the east.
A Swan A Swan.gif Guard Edron, here.
Alternative Rock Alternative Rock.gif Guard South on Gray Beach
Alwin Alwin.gif Guard Southwestern gate of Venore
An Orc Guard An Orc Guard.gif Guard Near the Orc Fortress on Rookgaard
Arnold Arnold.gif Guard Center of Venore, between the temple and depot.
Bambi Bonecrusher Bambi Bonecrusher.gif Guard Carlin, north gate on Central Street
Barbara Barbara.gif Guard Carlin Castle on Central Street
Barry Barry.gif Guard Between Magician Quarter and Sunken Quarter, Yalahar.
Baxter Baxter.gif Guard On the Rain Castle bridge in north-west Thais on Royal Avenue.
Bigfoot Soldier Bigfoot Soldier.gif Guard Gnomegate, far to the south
Blossom Bonecrusher Blossom Bonecrusher.gif Guard Carlin, east gate on Theater Avenue
Bounac Guard Bounac Guard.gif Guard Bounac, floor +3.
Bruce Bruce.gif Guard Between Alchemist Quarter and Cemetery Quarter, Yalahar.
Busty Bonecrusher Busty Bonecrusher.gif Guard Carlin, west gate on Theater Avenue
Christoph Christoph.gif Guard Northwestern gate of Venore.
Clark Clark.gif Guard
Central part of southern Port Hope, Training School.
Cobra (NPC) Cobra (NPC).gif Guard Stone Tomb, snake room before Thalas
Dabui Dabui.gif Guard The entrance to the castle in Darashia
Dallheim Dallheim.gif Guard
The northern bridge out of Rookgaard's city
Demon Skeleton (NPC) Demon Skeleton (NPC).gif Guard Redbone Castle
Demonguard Demonguard.gif Guard Pits of Inferno, above A Ghostly Knight.
Dread Guardian Dread Guardian.gif Guard Vengoth, Devovorga's realm.
Dregor Dregor.gif Guard Bottom of the Underground Glooth Factory
Dwarf Captain Dwarf Captain.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Dwarf Deep Guard Dwarf Deep Guard.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Dwarf Guard Day Shift Dwarf Guard Day Shift.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Dwarf Guard Night Shift Dwarf Guard Night Shift.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Dwarf Outpost Soldier Dwarf Outpost Soldier.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Dwarven Guard Dwarven Guard.gif Guard Kazordoon Dwarf Mines: 2 can be found in the city and 2 can be found outside the city.
Eathar Eathar.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Edron Guardsman Edron Guardsman.gif Guard Edron castle entrance
Eirik Eirik.gif Guard Western Svargrond, south-east of temple
Elf Guard Elf Guard.gif Guard Main Entrance in Underwood
Falk Falk.gif Guard
Edron, north of the castle gate
Fenbala Fenbala.gif Guard Carlin Castle on Central Street
Frafnar Frafnar.gif Guard Beregar Mines, west of the mines entrance.
Frok, The Guard Frok, The Guard.gif Guard Beregar, at the royal throne.
Fynn Fynn.gif Guard Svargrond, east of depot
Gate Guardian Gate Guardian.gif Guard Northern Zao.
Gelidrazah's Thirst Gelidrazah's Thirst.gif Guard Okolnir, here.
Ghost of a Priest Ghost of a Priest.gif Guard Deeper Banuta, here, here, and here.
Gnome Guard Captain Gnome Guard Captain.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Gnome Guard Night Shift Gnome Guard Night Shift.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Gnome Guard Gnome Guard.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Gnome Trooper Gnome Trooper.gif Guard The Spike -6 (here and here), -7 (here and here), and -8 (here).
Golem Guardian Golem Guardian.gif Guard In the Yalahari building
Grof, The Guard Grof, The Guard.gif Guard North gate of Thais at the intersection of Temple Street with Mill and Royal Avenue.
Grombur Grombur.gif Guard Beregar Mines, south of the mines entrance.
Guard Bazaya Guard Bazaya.gif Guard Near Issavi's southeastern gate.
Guard Inurta Guard Inurta.gif Guard Issavi palace, three floors up.
Guard Saros Guard Saros.gif Guard South of the Issavi depot.
Guard Senet Guard Senet.gif Guard In Issavi's prison, on the ground floor of the palace.
Guardian of the Deep Seas Guardian of the Deep Seas.gif Guard Seacrest Grounds
Hal Hal.gif Guard Between Arena and Zoo Quarter and Alchemist Quarter
Harsky Harsky.gif Guard Rain Castle throne room in northwest Thais on Royal Avenue.
Hemor, The Guard Hemor, The Guard.gif Guard Kazordoon, next to Emperor Kruzak
Humnog, The Guard Humnog, The Guard.gif Guard Kazordoon, next to Emperor Kruzak
Jagran Jagran.gif Guard Dwarven Mines, west of Kazordoon.
Jean Claude Jean Claude.gif Guard North-east of Venore, in front of the second depot.
Jossel Jossel.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Kihil, The Guard Kihil, The Guard.gif Guard Beregar, at the royal throne.
Kromrek Kromrek.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Kulag, The Guard Kulag, The Guard.gif Guard Western Thais gate, on Sorcerer's Avenue.
Lardoc Bashsmite Lardoc Bashsmite.gif Guard Gnome Deep Hub.
Lizard Tunnel Guard Lizard Tunnel Guard.gif Guard Inside the Lion's Den.
Maeryn Maeryn.gif Guard South-west on Grimvale, in a small house.
Malech Malech.gif Guard Kazordoon, near entrance to mines.
Marcus Marcus.gif Guard South of Liberty Bay, on the harbour.
Menesto Menesto.gif Guard Beneath Dawnport (floor -6).
Miles, The Guard Miles, The Guard.gif Guard Third floor of the north-east guard tower in Thais at The City Wall and Mill Avenue.
Morun Morun.gif Guard The entrance to the Caliph's chambers in the Darashia castle, one floor up.
Mysterious Device Mysterious Device.gif Guard Replica Dungeon (through the Energy Portal).
Mysterious Ornate Chest (NPC) Mysterious Ornate Chest (NPC).gif Guard Ab'Dendriel Forge.
Nokmir Nokmir.gif Guard Beregar Mines, north of the mines entrance.
Noozer Noozer.gif Guard The Misguided Sanctuary
Old Rock Boy Old Rock Boy.gif Tribe Leader
Southern Gray Beach
Oliver Oliver.gif Guard Between Factory Quarter and Sunken Quarter
One-Eyed Joe One-Eyed Joe.gif Rebel
Nargor, east of the 2 ships.
Opticorder Forge (NPC) Opticorder Forge (NPC).gif Guard Kazordoon Forge.
Orockle Orockle.gif Guard
South-western Gray Beach
Peter Peter.gif Guard Between Factory Quarter and Trade Quarter
Polly Polly.gif Guard Treasure Hunt Island
Pythius the Rotten Pythius the Rotten.gif Collector
Beregar caves.
Reed Reed.gif Guard Between Cemetery Quarter and Magician Quarter.
Riddler Riddler.gif Necromancer
Near the top of the Paradox Tower.
Rock Steady Rock Steady.gif Guard
Southern Gray Beach
Rock in a Hard Place Rock in a Hard Place.gif Guard
Weapon Shopkeeper
Armor Shopkeeper
Magic Shopkeeper
Central Gray Beach, on a mountain
Sirik Sirik.gif Guard Eastern Svargrond, west of boat
Skeleton Guard Skeleton Guard.gif Guard Treasure Hunt Island
Skip Skip.gif Guard Treasure Hunt Island
Skjaar Skjaar.gif Guard Below Mount Sternum near the grave of his master.
Strange Pipe Strange Pipe.gif Guard Underground Glooth Factory
Stutch Stutch.gif Guard Rain Castle throne room in north-west Thais on Royal Avenue.
Sylvester Sylvester.gif Guard
South-west in Venore, third floor of the guard house.
Terrence Terrence.gif Guard
Rathleton Workshop Quarter, between the upper city ramp and east gate
Thanita Thanita.gif Guard The Tower of Whitewatch, in northern Femor Hills
The First Dragon (NPC) The First Dragon (NPC).gif Guard In the First Dragon Lair, deep below Nostalgia.
The Gate Keeper The Gate Keeper.gif Guard Spirit Grounds, west of Drefia, below ocean.
The Queen Of The Banshees The Queen Of The Banshees.gif Monarch
In a cave deep under the Isle of the Kings
Tim, The Guard Tim, The Guard.gif Guard East gate of Thais at The City Wall and Main Street, on second floor.
Tony Tony.gif Guard Between Arena and Zoo Quarter and Foreigner Quarter
Tulf Tulf.gif Guard
Guard room near Emperor Kruzak
Ubaid Ubaid.gif Guard Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress).
Umar Umar.gif Guard Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Vulturenose Vulturenose.gif Rebel
Nargor tavern entrance.
Walter, The Guard Walter, The Guard.gif Guard South gate of Thais on Harbour Street.
Warbert Warbert.gif Guard Southern gate of Venore.
Weakened Forest Fury Weakened Forest Fury.gif Guard Outlaw Camp
Zerbrus Zerbrus.gif Guard
The premium bridge out of Rookgaard's city, premium side
Zumtah Zumtah.gif Guard The prison chamber of the Lion's Den.

Other Guards: Ashmunrah, Morgathla