These tunnels were sealed off due to a cave in which killed the famous dwarven kisser Shearton Softbeard.

This tunnel is full of Ghosts and to the west is the NPC a dwarven ghost which is part of a quest (at the light blue spot).

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Location of the Kissing a Pig Quest.
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Grothmok Tunnel map

Grothmok Tunnel NPCs (1)
A Dwarven Ghost
A Dwarven Ghost
Missing File
Unknown OccupationGrothmok tunnels in the Dwarf Mines.

Grothmok Tunnel Creatures
Missing File

How to get to the tunnel

Grothmok Tunnel -1

  • Walk west, take the lower passage and go down a hole again:

Grothmok Tunnel -2

  • Go down the nearest hole you see, it is only 2 squares away (no image)
  • Walk west, you will meet Dwarf Soldiers and Poison Spiders, go down another hole:

Grothmok Tunnel -4

  • You're almost there now, fight of 3-4 Dwarf Guards, walk a little south, and to your west there is a sealed door (you need permission to enter from Budrik) with the Grothmok Tunnel behind it:

Grothmok Tunnel -5

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