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Quest Log Grimvale Quest
Level 0
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Classification Quest
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active


A terrible curse transforms the inhabitants of a small island north-east of Edron into dangerous were-creatures on every full moon. Can you help them or succumb to their horrible fate?


Werebadger, Werebear, Wereboar, Werewolf, Werefox, Feroxa, and maybe more.


A chance to fight Feroxa, Foxtail Amulet and the Achievement Over the Moon.


This quest was expanded with the Winter Update 2017, when The Curse Spreads missions and related caves were implemented.

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The Curse of the Full Moon

Note: This mission can only be done during full moon nights. To find out if it's a full moon, check The World Board at the Adventurer's Guild.

This quest starts at Grimvale. To reach Grimvale, travel to Edron and walk to Stonehome. To the north of Stonehome is a ferry run by Cornell. Ask him to sail you to Grimvale.

Grimvale is an island under quarantine because it contains were-sickness. Humans who exhibit the were-sickness are forbidden to leave the island, although this quarantine is not very effective because the were-sickness is not restricted to Grimvale. Werebeasts must seek Purple Nightshade Blossoms within Grimvale to have a hope of curing their illness. If you are bitten by a werebeast you will eventually change into one of them, depending on which beast you were bitten by. You cannot leave the island except by dying or teleporting. NPCs on the mainland will not react to your condition except Cornell at Edron who will suggest you go to Grimvale to find a cure.

There are 4 NPCs on Grimvale. Most of them have taken on a secondary role of researching the sickness. Cornell is responsible for quarantine and the journey back to Edron, Gladys is a trader offering basic tools and purchases were-beast creature products, Maeryn is a druid and overseer of the island and takes donations to help cure the sickness. Owin is a researcher who is devoted to fighting the sickness; suspiciously, he vanishes on full moons.

Warning: Because you cannot leave as a werebeast, it's not recommended to come here unless you are well prepared. To cure yourself you can either wait for a day that doesn't experience full moons, or eat Purple Nightshade Blossoms which can be found on the 2nd floor of the dungeon.

Curing Were-Sickness

The were-sickness is curable by eating Purple Nightshade Blossoms. These flowers are hard to come by, being found exclusively in the Grimvale dungeon. To obtain Purple Nightshade Blossoms, go into the Grimvale dungeon by falling down the Pitfall at the north-east of the island. In this dungeon, there are 3 Blooming Purple Nightshades to harvest from:

  • From the start, head south and follow the cave south-east, where in the next room you will find the first flower (here).
  • Head west to the end of the cave and drop down the pitfall to the next floor. Walk north to find the second flower (here).
  • Head east and follow the path south-east to find the third flower (here).

When you harvest Purple Nightshade Blossoms you will receive the message:

You pick the large blooming blossom from the stem of this purple nightshade.

However, you can only harvest these during full moons because when it is not a full moon, you will see Purple Nightshades in place of the Blooming Purple Nightshades. Attempting to harvest a non-blooming Purple Nightshade will display a server message:

This purple nightshade is currently not blooming. No blossoms can be harvested.

You will only need blossoms during full moons because the symptoms of were-sickness are only exhibited during these days. That is, if you cannot harvest blossoms because of the world state, the NPCs will react as if you aren't sick.

Obtaining the Liquid Silver Trap

The battle against Feroxa requires your team have many Closed Silvered Traps. To obtain these, you will need to bring Maeryn a Closed Trap and Vial of Liquid Silver. You can buy the Closed Trap at general equipment stores, even from Gladys, for 280 gold. Obtaining Vial of Liquid Silver is a bit more difficult. Go into the Grimvale dungeon, third floor, and use a Pick (Secret Agent tools will also work) on any Silver Vein in the mountain walls. You may not be able to obtain Vial of Liquid Silver at every try, in which case you will receive the message:

Even after a thorough and frustrating search you could not find enough liquified silver in this vein to fill a flask.

This does not mean that particular vein is empty - you could repeat the process and succeed. When you have attempted to mine a vein, you will be unable to try again for 2 minutes. Mining again before this period is up will result in the following message:

You are still exhausted from earlier attempts. Getting liquid silver out of the mountain needs concentration and a steady hand.

When you are successful you will see the following message and obtain a Vial of Liquid Silver that lasts for 24 hours.

Carefully you gather some of the liquified silver from this vein in a small flask. You now feel strangely affected to the moon.

Each time you successfully mine Vial of Liquid Silver, you gain a permission to use either blue or green glowing marks for various effects:

Green Strange Glowing Mark:

The mythic fires beneath your feet heal you.
Player is healed.

Blue Strangely Glowing Mark:

Note: There is supposedly a side-quest related to these glowing marks. Nothing is known about this at the moment.

If it's not a full moon, you will be unable to mine the Silver Vein:

Only in the light of the full moon, these strange veins of unique silver will liquify and be soft enough to be mined.

Mining liquid silver, 41 trials.

Tries to get 1
Even after a thorough and frustrating search you could not find enough liquified silver in this vein to fill a flask. 31 75.61% 2
Carefully you gather some of the liquified silver from this vein in a small flask. You now feel strangely affected to the moon. 10 24.39% 5

Note: You will complete the mission by entering Feroxa's lair once the raid begins, even if you don't fight it.

The Curse Spreads


Talk to Daniel Steelsoul inside the Edron Castle and ask him about the curse. He will explain how they have been able to cure some of the sick citizens of Edron, but not all of them, and they are not sure why, but someone at the Noodles Academy of Modern Magic must know. Go to the Ivory Towers and talk to Milos at the upper floors of the north-west tower and ask him if he knows anything about the curse.

Milos will say that he has made written some notes about this disease and that you should find them. There are 4 notes:

Grimvale Nightshade Parchment

After getting all 4 notes, go back to Milos. He will give you a Stone Tablet with Ley Lines and Crimson Nightshade Blossoms and instruct you to use his notes to obtain the other ingredients, which are Shadow Bite Berries, Gold Dust and Silver Dust.

Grimvale Tuft of Shadow Bite

The Shadow Bite Berries can be harvested from Shadow Bite Plants, growing in the dungeon located south-west of Edron, here (you have to enter the Sewer Grate inside the Edron Flats building to cross to the other side). Inside this cave you will meet all types of were-creatures. Go down to the second floor, there will be a Shadow Bite Plant just next to the rope spot. Alternatively, there is a Shadow Bite Plant also on the second floor of Edron Earth Elemental Cave, here.

To obtain the metals, you'll need to visit the Venore Corym Cave, here (make sure you have a Pick with you before going there, Secret Service tools will not be enough). After entering the cave, go down the hole north-east, down the next hole, south and down again, then go to the north-west side of the cave and enter the teleport here. Just north of you there will be some mined Gold Nuggets and Silver Nuggets ready to be shipped away, however, you shouldn't steal the Corym Ratter's belongings right in front of him, so you will have to find some inside the mine. If you haven't done so yet. talk to the NPC to start the Hidden Threats Quest and obtain access to the interior of the Corym Mines. You can find Gold Nuggets on the room south-east of the entrance, here. Use your pick on the nuggets to mine them. To mine the Silver Nuggets, you'll have to go down the stairs north to the flower floor (talk to Corym Servant if you don't have access yet). You'll find the Silver Nuggets in a room south-west, here.

After getting the nuggets, go back to Edron. Two floors below Milos you will find a Wooden Grinder. Use the nuggets on the grinder to obtain Gold Dust and Silver Dust.

With all ingredients in hand, you are ready to prepare the cure for the were-sickness. You'll need an Alchemical Apparatus, which you can find in Sinclair's lab on the central tower. Use the Crimson Nightshade Blossoms, the Silver Dust, the Gold Dust and finally the Shadow Bite Berries on it to create your Nightshade Distillate. Deliver the potion to Daniel Steelsoul so he can start using it on Edron's citizens.


The were-sickness has also reached Cormaya, and Daniel Steelsoul wants you to help Yoem with it. Travel to the small island and talk to him at the center of the village about the curse. Yoem suspects that the village's water supply is being tainted, and will ask you to investigate the Last Sanctum, which is behind a Mystic Flame in a dungeon east of the village, here. In order to access the Last Sanctum, however, you must perform a ritual in Grimvale's dungeon.

Grimvale Puzzle Configuration

This puzzle configuration seems to have some meaning. If any levers are pulled at this configuration, a *click* will be heard.

After going down to the fourth floor, you'll be in the ruins, where you must solve the 5x5 puzzle in the center room. Pull each lever to move the white tile south of it and create a V-shape starting at the top, as pictured. After that, pull any other lever. You will hear a *click* noise, at which point an array of light will shoot downward from the roof and the white tiles will return to the top.

Now you can enter the Last Sanctum, which is also inhabited by were-sick creatures. Follow the cave to the south-west and go down the ramp. Go to the room to the north, where you'll find some Statues. When approaching the water, you'll receive a message about how the water is being tainted by the magical statues that were built there. Report this findings to Yoem, which will instruct to seek the help of the wizards from Edron. Again, find Milos and tell him about your discoveries.

Milos will explain to you his theory that the cure is not working because the were-creatures have tampered the Ley Lines that meet under Cormaya. In order to fix this, you must remove the curse that has been applied to them by using a Golden Symbol of Suon on the other end of the Ley Line, which is marked by a Dark Stone Totem. There are three Ley Lines: one towards Krailos, one towards Banuta and one towards Vengoth. This is indicated by the text written on the statues inside the Last Sanctum.

Grimvale Dark Stone Totem

Removing the curse from Banuta's Ley Line

You should receive this message after using the Suon Symbol next to a totem:

You remove the curse that was put on this statue.
Grimvale Last Sanctum Clean

After removing the curse from all 3 totems, go back to the Last Sanctum. You'll notice that now the Water is clean again. Report this discovery to Yoem, who will be pleased with your help and instruct you to talk to Daniel Steelsoul once again.

The water that flows into the basin stays fresh and clean now. Obviously the curse is lifted.

Were-beasts leaders

Daniel Steelsoul will explain to you that some were-beast leaders have been found to be responsible for spreading the disease, and he needs your help killing them. You'll find them behind magical gates located in Edron's and Cormaya's dungeons.

These bosses must be fought alone, but they are relatively easy. Mages and Paladins can use Fire Wall Runes to keep a distance.

After killing all 5 bosses, report back to Daniel Steelsoul. In gratitude for your help, he will gift you with a Foxtail Amulet. From now on you will also be allowed to travel between the Last Sanctum and Edron's dungeon using the Death Portals existing in both caves (here and here), which can be very useful for going back to the mini-bosses (you can fight them every 20 hours).


There are still some mysteries revolving parts of this quest. This section will contain information that may be relevant to solving the quest.

  • In the ruins, there are 5 unbroken (but breakable) Wall Mirrors that can be broken with a Crowbar or any melee weapon (note: only east-facing mirrors can be broken, those facing south cannot).
  • On the third floor there are a lot of Strangely Glowing Marks (Blue and Green). These are not found anywhere else so it's possible that they have some meaning to the quest.
  • The books supposed to give hints are found on Grimvale and contain the following information:
Show Text
Book (Green) You read the following.
The Moonshadow Temple

If some old legends are true, many centuries ago a big temple was built underneath the island of Grimvale. A spacious subterranean building, whose purpose is unknown nowadays. It was incidentally rediscovered a few years back when one of the village children got lost in the tunnels underneath the island, and found the temple ruins. We made some inquiries in the libraries of Edron, Thais and Carlin and found out the following: once this site bore the Name "Moonshadow Temple". It served as a place where, through crevices and by wisely arranged mirrors, the full moon's rays were conducted deep into earth's interior. Whether they served magical or cultic purposes down there or whether the full moon itself was an object of worship, is no longer known. Built of black granite and partly of white marble, the temple is of considerable size. Lately, since the were-sickness plagues Grimvale, the were-creatures have withdrawn to the tunnels and constantly descend down to the old ruins. At the times of the full moon they come up to the surface to haunt men; but more often they dwell inside the old temple ruins. Whether their interest in this site arises from its connection with the full moon or has different reasons remains a secret for now.
Show Text
Parchment (White) You read the following.
About Were-Transformation

Scholars call it the were-sickness or the Curse of the Full Moon - but whether it is a disease or a curse is still unclear. Some claim it is similar to a contagious malady; others take the view that it is a curse in the classical magical sense. But about one question, the sages are in agreement: the taint is caused by a bite or a scratch of a were-creature. Were-creatures are humans who transform into savage beasts, mainly at times of the full moon. These humans assume the forms of wolves, for example, and may look like common wolves or like a cross between wolf and man. As long as the moon is not full, they seem to be normal humans, and act in a completely ordinary way. But in the light of the full moon, they show their true face. At an advanced stage however, the transformation may take place at other times as well. There are also other forms that afflicted humans assume: bears, boars, foxes, badgers or weasels, depending on an area's wildlife. There are even tales that in other parts of this world, humans assume the forms of local carnivores there, such as lions, tigers, panthers or even crocodiles. Besides humans, elves, dwarves and orcs can also be affected by the were-transformation. So, in short, the following traits are typical of the were-transformation:

1. The transformation into a wild, at least partly carnivorous, animal. The person assumes either a common animal's form or appears as a cross between animal and man.
2. The transformation is caused by a were-creature's bite or scratch.
3. The first transformation takes place at the time of the full moon. During the transformation, the affected have no control over themselves and turn into ferocious beasts. In this stage, they attack even their own relatives, though no other were-creatures. However, espacially strong-willed individuals may resist this gruesome urge at first.
4. If persons are affected by the sickness or curse for a longer time, they are able to transform themselves beyond the times of the full moon.
5. In the early stage, the were-transformation is curable and reversible by a very rare plant, the purple nightshade. It is said that it blossoms only at full moon in subterranean tunnels where the moon rays are falling through fissures in the surface.

6. To weaken a powerful were-creature, silvered traps are very useful. Liquid silver is needed to create such a trap, but this rare metal may only be found underground and at full moon.


Player: hi
Maeryn: Greetings, visitor. I wonder what may lead you to this {dangerous} place.
Player: quest
Maeryn: Many villagers were bitten by were-creatures, that's the most serious problem right now. Until the next full moon they will turn into savage beasts. There is only one way to prevent this: we need enough purple nightshade blossoms. ...
Maeryn: Three of these blossoms should suffice to heal some afflicted persons. But if you bring more I'd be grateful, of course. Would you do that?
Player: yes
Maeryn: Thank you! These plants are reported to grow in the tunnels underneath the village, but I don't know the proper location.

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