Property Value
General Properties
Name Great Mana Potion
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Classification Liquids
Weight 3.10 oz.
Trade Properties
Value Negotiable gp
Sold for (not bought by NPCs)
Bought for 120 gp
Other Properties
Version 8.1
December 11, 2007
Status Active
Great Mana Potion
You see great mana potion (, Restores mana when used.).
It weighs 3.10 oz.
This potion can only be consumed by sorcerers and druids of level 80 or higher.


It restores approximately 150 - 250 Mana Points.

See the comparison table mp/gp for more information.

Trade Details

Buy From

NPC City Value
in gp
[[Asima (Darashia) 120 gp

Chuckles (Yalahar) 120 gp
Digger (Venore) 120 gp
Frederik (Liberty Bay) 120 gp
Mehkesh (Ankrahmun) 120 gp
Nelly (Svargrond) 120 gp
Rabaz (Farmine) 120 gp
Rachel (Carlin) 120 gp
Romir (Svargrond) 120 gp
Sandra (Edron) 120 gp
Shiriel (Ab'Dendriel) 120 gp
Sigurd (Kazordoon) 120 gp
Tandros (Port Hope) 120 gp
Topsy (Thais) 120 gp

Xodet (Thais) 120 gp]]

Sell To

NPC City Value
in gp
[[You can return the Empty Potion Flask (Large) to magic shops for 5 gp.]]
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