You see a great health potion.
It weighs 3.10 oz.
This potion can only be consumed by knights of level 80 or higher.


    Heals the user for 425 to 575 hitpoints, an average of 500. The leftover empty potion flask can be sold back to the potion vendor for 5 gp. For comparisons of healing efficiency, see the GP/HP and the Cap/HP efficiency tables.
    Due to their common drop rate among a wide variety of monsters, you can often find them on the market for half the NPC price.

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    Can be obtained from Gnomish Supply Packages.
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    As of patch 8.11 Great Health Potions heal 500 on average and cost 190 gp. Previously they healed 600 average for 250 gp, an increase of 100 hp (+20%) for an extra 60 gp (+31.6%).

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