Great Fireball

This is one of the Attack Runes. Great Fireball
It can only be used with level {{{useLVL}}} and magic level 4 or higher.

Item Class: Attack Runes
Incantation: adori gran flam
Weight: ? oz.
Used by: Any player with Magic Level 4+ and Level 0+
Made by: Druids, Sorcerers. (23)
Premium: no
Mana: 480
Soul Points: 3
Cooldown: ? (shares with the ? cooldown group)
Buy spell from:
Town / VocationDruidsSorcerers
Liberty BayCharlottaMalunga
Port HopeUstanMyra
Buy made runes from: Fenech (Ankrahmun),
Asima (Darashia),
Frans (Venore),
Rachel (Carlin),
Shiriel (Ab'Dendriel),
Sigurd (Kazordoon),
Tandros (Port Hope),
Xodet (Thais),
Frederik (Liberty Bay),
Romir (Svargrond)
Spell cost: 1200 gp. Rune cost: 180 gp.

(18000 gp per 100)
(360,000 gp per backpack)

Effect: Burned Icon The Great Fireball (GFB) rune shoots a fire attack that damages all creatures (except those immune to fire), and players (unless in a non-PvP gameworld), within a large circular area centered around the square where the GFB is targeted. The damage area will be a total of 37 squares, as shown in the picture, unless some of the squares are obstructed. The player using the GFB rune is never affected by it.

Great fireball1
Notes: This rune is really useful to get rid of big groups of monsters when the character gets surrounded or when you need to clear a room. As the Magic Level raises, the rune will become more effective, to the point that sometimes the FB rune will be enough, which allows you to save the GFB for harder situations.

See: Complete list of runes.
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