Property Value
Usage Properties
Words exevo gran vis lux
Element Energy
Mana 110
Cooldown 6 seconds
Group CD 2 seconds
Requirement Properties
Vocation Sorcerer
Level 29
Other Properties
Spell Group Attack Spells
Cost 1800 gp
Version Unknown.
Status Active
Great Energy Beam
Great Energy Beam
exevo gran vis lux


Electrified Icon Shoots a strong beam 8 squares infront of caster.


Same as Energy Beam but stronger. This was a some-what weak attack before the major revision of the magic system; now this attack can be as strong as Energy Wave, but its damage range is quite random. It is very useful as a 'snipe attack' as you can attack people off the screen without them seeing you or expecting it. Demons are known to use a variation of this spell.

Great Energy Beam animation


In the early days of Tibia, when only Antica existed, even Paladins were able to cast Great Energy Beam. When the ability was removed, the old paladins did not loose the spells learned from it. The remaining paladins that could cast it lost their spell on Update 10.55 when vocation requirement was also applied while casting spells, not just while buying them.

The graphic of this spell was changed in the Winter Update 2007.

Before After
Great energy beam1 Great energy beam1(after winter update 2007)