Sanctify 12 graves of fallen knights to unveil the lich-knights' sinister goals and prevent them from ravaging Tibia and plunging the world into darkness.


Thais, Kilmaresh, Cobra Bastion and more.


All the creatures of Kilmaresh, all Members of the Order of the Cobra and several bosses.

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Go to The Inquisition headquarters under Thais (go down here) and look for Jack Springer in a room on the second floor down. Ask him about late. You'll also need to buy a Vial of Potent Holy Water Vial of Potent Holy Water from him by asking for a trade.

This quest consists in visiting 12 graves that may have been defiled. Six of them will only need a visit and the Holy Water (Dark Cathedral, Femor Hills, Kilmaresh, Vengoth, Orclands and Folda), while others have bosses that must be fought with teams of up to 5 players. These bosses are repeatable every 20 hours. The final boss, King Zelos, can be killed with a team of up to 10 players and can also be repeated every 20 hours.

The Grave in Edron

North of Edron, go to the cemetery on a hill then down to floors. Go past the quest door and into the vortex, where you'll find the lever and spot for 5 players. Here, you'll face Count Vlarkorth.

Count Vlarkorth

Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight.
Avoid Fire Icon.gif
Don't use Fire Damage during this fight.
Fire Protection Icon.gif
Equip Fire Damage Protection during this fight.

You will find Count Vlarkorth together with 5 Soulless Minions. These summons seem to heal the boss, so it's recommended to have one of the players take them away from the boss. They do very little damage so this shouldn't be a problem.


Grave Danger Quest - Count Vlarkoth

After some time during the fight, Count Vlarkorth will become invulnerable and summon one Dark creature for each player in the room, according to their vocations. For example, if the team has two Paladins and one of each of the other vocations, you'll have to deal with 2 Dark Paladins, 1 Dark Knight, 1 Dark Sorcerer and 1 Dark Druid. These summons must be killed and their corpses (Good Remains of a Druid Good Remains of a Druid, Good Remains of a Knight Knight, Good Remains of a Paladin Paladin and Good Remains of a Sorcerer Sorcerer) used by players of the corresponding vocation on the boss to make it vulnerable again. The Dark summons are also healed by the Soulless Minions, so you shouldn't allow them near each other.

Note: You don't need to have all vocations for the fight, if there aren't e.g. Sorcerers in the team, Dark Sorcerers will not be summoned.

To make the fight easier, you can trap the boss using Demon Skeletons in a corner. Most of its damage come from its strong Fire Wave, if the blocker stands diagonal to it the fight is a lot safer. Repeat this process until Count Vlarkorth is defeated.

The Grave in the Dark Cathedral

Go to the Dark Cathedral and use the Holy Water on the grave in a room to the south.

The Grave in the Ghostlands

In the Ghostlands, go down the small Crypt and find the grave to the north. Go into the vortex to the lever room. Here, you'll face Lord Azaram.

Lord Azaram

Battle recommendations:
Sudden Death.gif
Use Death Damage during this fight.
Use Ice Damage during this fight.
Avoid Earth Icon.gif
Don't use Earth Damage during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight. For the boss.
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight. For the summons.
This fight isn't very complicated and similar to other bosses from other quests. Together with Lord Azaram you'll find Condensed Sins, which you should kill using area attacks to diminish the damage taken by the team, which is considerable. The team should always be mindful that the boss will sometimes apply Lesser Hex on players, reducing their healing received by approximately half.

Grave Danger Quest - Lord Azaram

Some time after the fight begins, Lord Azaram will become Azaram's Soul, and Tainted Soul Splinters will appear. When you kill the Tainted Soul Splinters, they will become Cleansed Soul Splinter Cleansed Soul Splinters. Lure Azaram's Soul over these to heal it. You have to do this three times to force Lord Azaram to appear again. On the first few rounds, Mass Healing and Ultimate Healing Runes can be used to speed up the process, but eventually Azaram's Soul will have its health full and you'll have to do the luring part.

Repeat this process until you finish killing the boss.

The Grave in Cormaya

At Cormaya's graveyard, go down the hole and then into the vortex. Here, you'll face Earl Osam.

Earl Osam

Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.
Avoid Death Icon.gif
Don't use Death Damage during this fight.
Avoid Ice Icon.gif
Don't use Ice Damage during this fight.
Ice Protection Icon.gif
Equip Ice Damage Protection during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight.
The main danger during the fight against Earl Osam is the summons, Frozen Souls. There are many of them and they deal considerable Ice Damage from a distance. In order to protect the shooters, the blocker can stay near the center of the room and the shooters next to a wall, forcing the summons to target the Knight from the other side.

Grave Danger Quest - Earl Osam

After some time attacking Earl Osam (Fire Damage is recommended), the boss will teleport to the center of the room and become invulnerable, and 4 Magical Spheres will appear on each side of the room and start moving towards Earl Osam). You must kill them as quickly as possible before they reach the boss, for each Sphere that reaches him, Earl Osam will heal for 80,000 hitpoints. If more than one Sphere reach Earl Osam, he will most likely heal to full health. The team must be ready to change targets from one Sphere to the next quickly to ensure at least 3 of them are killed in time.

You will need to repeat this process one or two times before Earl Osam is finally defeated.

The Grave in the Femor Hills

On Femor Hills, go up one floor and then find the grave inside the southwestern mountain. This grave has already been defiled and there is nothing else to do here.

The Grave on an isle NE of Ankrahmun

Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.
Avoid Earth Icon.gif
Don't use Earth Damage during this fight.
Earth Protection Icon.gif
Equip Earth Damage Protection during this fight.

This is the longest Grave to sanctify. You'll have to visit the Cobra Bastion and unlock the access to the basement to sanctify the grave. Note that you don't actually have to complete the full access to the Bastion nor defeat Scarlett Etzel for the Grave Danger Quest, but it's recommended to do so due to the precious equipment she drops.

Unlocking the Cobra Bastion is very similar to unlocking the Falcon Bastion. You'll have to kill 3 minibosses, and each time you'll gain access to a new area of the Bastion. There are also some doors which you must open from only one of the sides to gain permanent access to them, so make sure to check those. You can also find several documents inside the bastion, as well as a key and other interesting things. These are covered in the Bastion's page.


Start by going up the ramp on the south part of the Bastion and then up two floors. Here on the third floors go to the room to the south-east where you will find Gaffir. Defeat him to receive access to the basement.

Note: If you move Gaffir's corpse to the basin near the carpet and then step on the carpet, you'll be sent to a small room where you can obtain the Dealings of the Knightly Orders in Zao (Book) document. Beware that you will be teleported out of this room about 3 minutes after entering it, so do not consider it a safe area.


Go back to the ground floor and then down to the basement. Follow the corridors on the west side all the way south. On the south-most room, you'll find Custodian. Defeating him will grant you access to the final area of the Bastion. On the room north of Custodian, you can find the grave you must sanctify using the Vial of Potent Holy Water.

Note: For the Grave Danger Quest, this is all you have to do, and you don't need to keep unlocking the Cobra Bastion for that. Nevertheless, the remainder of the access will be explained here.

Defeating Custodian also allows you to walk through the flames east of his room, but only once. If you go back to his room, you'll have to kill it again to leave using the "shortcut" to the east. In the corridor to the east you can also find the Cart Packed with Gold. If you want to, you can help it reach the northern end of the corridor by destroying the Clutters on its way, while keeping it alive. If you kill the Cart at the end of its destination you may loot something valuable.

Guard Captain Quaid

The third and last miniboss can be found on the fourth floor of the Bastion. Go back up, past the smoke wall and you'll find Guard Captain Quaid, which fights from distance. Kill him to proceed to the final part.

The Chess Game

After defeating the third miniboss, you'll have access to a new area on the 6th floor. Here, you must levitate up the bridge at the center of the room and then levitate down to the other side of it. Then, use the rope on the trap at the center of the room to go down. When you do that, open the doors from inside to gain permanent access to them.

In here there will be a room with a chess board. In order to proceed, you must move the pieces according to the moves described in 4 documents found in the bastion. You'll also have to put a Cheesy Figurine to replace the missing queen piece. These are the moves you have to make:

Grave Danger Quest - Cobra Chess.png

After setting the game correctly with the Cheesy Figurine in place, an energy affect will appear on screen (no damage will be taken) and a Roaring Lion will spawn. Note that everyone in the room will have the access when this happens.

Scarlett Etzel

Go back to the first floor, where you'll be able to pass the metal wall into a small room. Here, you can enter Scarlett Etzel's room with up to 5 players.

Scarlett is initially immortal. In order to maker her vulnerable, you have to use the Galthen's Chestplate which appears on a trophy stand near the throne. When you do that, Scarlett will stop moving and become vulnerable for 8 seconds. There is a faster way to dealing damage to her, however:

Scarlett will take 7500 damage if she's attacked while the four mirrors around her are facing her, as shown below. Note that she will also use her Ultimate Poison Explosion at the same time, dealing 7500 damage to the players around. Only one player should attack her, however, since she will instantly become invulnerable and attacking Scarlett Etzel when she is not vulnerable will heal her in 5000 hitpoints. Thus, the recommended step by step is:

  1. Throw Galthen's Chestplate to the center of the mirrors.
  2. Rotate (use) the four mirrors so they face the center of the square where Scarlett is.
  3. Use Galthen's Chestplate and wait 2 seconds to make sure she already stopped moving.
  4. Move away and attack her once so she takes the 7500 damage.
  5. Lure Scarlett to the left and run to the right, or just block it, and wait until the Chestplate reappears (30 seconds).
  6. Repeat the steps above, 4 successful turns are enough to kill Scarlett.

The Grave in Kilmaresh

During The Revenge of the Ogres mission of the Kilmaresh Quest, go past all the 6 puzzles and then use the Vial of Potent Holy Water on the grave there.

The Grave in Vengoth

Go to Vengoth and then all the way east of the boat. This grave has also been defiled already and there's nothing else to do.

The Grave in Darashia

Go to Darashia's cemetery east of town. Turn off the west, south-east and south Sacred Statues, but keep the north and north-east statues on. Then use the Sundial to reveal the secret staircases to the second floor. Then, go all the way south and east, where'll find the grave. Here, you'll fight two bosses at the same time: Sir Baeloc and Sir Nictros.

Sir Baeloc and Sir Nictros

Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.
Avoid Death Icon.gif
Don't use Death Damage during this fight.
Life Drain Protection Icon.gif
Equip Life Drain Damage Protection during this fight.
Attention: These bosses use the Lesser Hex effect, which will greatly reduce the healing received by players. Thus, it's extremely important that the blocker(s) keep an eye on their Status bar and be ready to deal with the reduced healing.

Grave Danger Quest - Sir Baeloc and Sir Nictros

After pulling the lever, you'll see that the bosses are waiting in a small locked area to the north. A few seconds later, Sir Nictros will come out and start summoning Squire of Nictros. Since the summon damage is considerable and there is always the risk of receiving Lesser Hex, it's better to constantly kill the summons. If you have a second Knight in the team you can also chose to keep the summons away from the boss. When Sir Nictros's health reach approximately 60%, it will retreat and Sir Baeloc will replace him.

Deal with Sir Baeloc the same way you were dealing with his brother whether you decided to kill or keep its summons, Retainer of Baeloc, away. When his health reaches around 60%, his brother will come to aid and you'll have to deal with both bosses at the same time.

With the both bosses together, you simply have to keep attacking both using area attacks. The important thing to keep in mind here is that their health must always be around the same, otherwise the one with less HP will heal about 18,000 health after a certain point. Other than that, be very careful with the Lesser Hex here because it will be used more often and the damage taken will be higher.

The Grave in the old Thais temple

Go to Thais' Ancient Temple and down to the main room with Rotworms. South of it you'll find the grave and vortex that leads to the boss Duke Krule.

Duke Krule

Battle recommendations:
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.
Avoid Death Icon.gif
Don't use Death Damage during this fight.
Death Protection Icon.gif
Equip Death Damage Protection during this fight.
Upon entering the boss room you'll find Duke Krule and Soul Scourges. This boss' summons can hit harder than the boss itself, so extra care should be taken with them. If you have two knights, one of them should take the boss and the other the summons.

Grave Danger Quest - Duke Krule

After some seconds, all players will have their appearance change into either a Water Elemental or a Fire Elemental. Along with that, around each player a large magic spell of the corresponding element (water/fire) will appear every turn. If two players that have different appearances get near each other, they'll take around 2000 damage. In order to avoid this, the recommended strategy is to have the knight positioned at the center of the room with the boss and the other team members around him, at safe distance.

The transformation resets every few seconds, which means that in case a shooter has a summon targeting him, this player can wait until his transformation matches the Knight's and bring him the summon. This must be done fast however to avoid a change in the appearance in the meantime.

The Grave at the Orclands entrance

On the way to the Orc Fortress, go down the hole at the Wyvern mountain. This grave has already been defiled and there's nothing to do here.

The Grave on the Ice Islands

Go to Folda and then into the mountain. This grave has already been defiled and there's nothing to do here.

King Zelos

After sanctifying all graves, report back to Jack Springer. You'll now have to face the leader of the Lich Knights, King Zelos, which can be accessed through the Isle of the Kings. This battle can be fought with up to 10 players, and a full team is recommended. You have 24 minutes to defeat Zelos before being kicked out of the room.

In order to fight King Zelos, your team will first need to defeat 4 Lich Knights that are doing the ritual to resurrect the King. The biggest challenge of the fight is killing them fast enough, since the longer it takes, the stronger King Zelos becomes. If you cannot kill the 4 minibosses in less than approximately 12 minutes, it will be impossible to kill King Zelos because it will be too strong or even immune to all damage.


Grave Danger Quest - King Zelos

Each one of the minibosses is in a separate room, and you can freely go between rooms and kill them in the order you prefer. The most common strategy is to start with the whole team going east and fighting Rewar the Bloody. Once its dead, the team splits: 2-3 players (including a Knight and a Druid) go deal with The Red Knight to the west and the rest of the team goes north to fight Magnor Mournbringer. Since The Red Knight is the quickest, the players killing it should be able to catch up with the team when they are about to finish Magnor Mournbringer. Then, all the team goes to the north-west corner to fight Nargol the Impaler. Once all minibosses are dead, it's time to face King Zelos himself.

Rewar the Bloody

Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.

Along with Rewar the Bloody, you'll find Risen Soldiers and Fetters. The boss will only be vulnerable if there are no Fetters alive, so the main object here is kill them as fast as possible. Furthermore, when the boss is vulnerable, it must be attacked as hard as possible before it stops taking damage again. To accomplish that, correctly positioning the team inside the room is essential.

  • Four players must surround the tile at the center of the room, where Rewar the Bloddy will always appear when it changes forms. The Knights should stay at the sides, while shooters (preferably Paladins) stay north/south. This ensures that the boss doesn't face the shooters. Trapping the boss like this prevents the mages from missing waves and the paladins from staying out of range.
  • The remaining 6 players of the team should stand around the spawn points of the Fetters (west, east and north/south, of each Fetter), which are easily recognizable by the blue spawn effect. By doing that, the Fetters will not wander around the room (they should just walk back and forth), because they attack from distance. Sorcerers should preferably take the north and south positions to use their waves and druids the side positions (so they can use Mass Healing on most players near them).

With this positioning, all shooters can constantly use Great Fireball Runes at the exact center of the room, because both Fetters (if alive) and the boss (if vulnerable) will be hit by the rune. When the boss is clearly vulnerable, mages must use their waves against it to maximize the damage output. You should finish this part in less than 6 minutes otherwise it will be really hard to kill King Zelos in time.

The Red Knight

Drown Protection Icon.gif
Equip Drown Damage Protection during this fight.
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.

This boss is the easiest of the 4, and only 2 or 3 players are necessary to kill it. Splitting the team is important because it will mean a considerable gain in time.

The Red Knight only takes Drown Damage, which can be dealt by killing Vampiric Bloods around it. Thus, in order to kill this boss what you have to do is make sure the Vampiric Bloods die next to it. Be careful because the Risen Soldiers can be dangerous since the players here will be in a much smaller number, which is why it may be safer to bring a 3rd player.

Magnor Mournbringer

Life Drain Protection Icon.gif
Equip Life Drain Damage Protection during this fight.
Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.
Avoid Death Icon.gif
Don't use Death Damage during this fight.
Avoid Earth Icon.gif
Don't use Earth Damage during this fight.

Initially, all you have to do against Magnor Mournbringer is attack it. When it dies, it will become 4 Shards of Magnor, which you must also kill. The Shards share the same health pool, so you can only attack one of them if you prefer. When the Shards die, they explode dealing 2000? Life Drain damage each. To avoid the massive damage, the team can split them in groups of two so the blockers don't take the full damage from all four of them.

Nargol the Impaler

Great Fireball.gif
Use Fire Damage during this fight.

Nargol the Impaler can also be attacked with Fire Damage from the beginning with no special mechanics. When it dies, a Regenerating Mass will appear at the center of the room. You have 30 seconds to kill it. If you don't kill it fast enough, Nargol the Impaler will spawn again with full health. It's extremely important that the team uses as much damage as possible here since failing this boss once will likely compromise the entire fight and make King Zelos immortal.

A good strategy is to start by trapping the boss at the center of the room with players and summoned Fire Elementals. This way, when the Regenerating Mass spawns it will already be trapped and players can focus on maximizing the damage on it.

King Zelos

After defeating the for minibosses, you can proceed to the room with King Zelos through the teleport at the center of the north corridor.

The biggest danger here is King Zelos's use of Greater Hex, which reduces the target's total health to 40% of its maximum. This effect is applied by King Zelos' beam attack, so the blockers should always stay diagonal to the boss. A player who is affected by Greater Hex can remove the effect by stepping on the vortex at the center of the room, however, this will trigger the spawn of an Unleashed Hex which is quite strong, so it may be wiser to simply have the team communicate and focus on healing the Knight blocking King Zelos when this happens. If King Zelos is blocked near the west wall, the blocker(s) can keep it facing the wall (and not the team) during the fight, and quickly change the positioning if the boss moves to get away from its Hex beam, as seen on the video above.

There will also be 3 Risen Soldiers in this room. They can be blocked by a second Knight if there is one or by the shooters, preferably paladins, if there isn't. Killing them is futile as they quickly respawn. Other than that, the shooters must only attack King Zelos using Fire Damage, preferably using Fireball Runes for maximum single-target damage. If the minibosses were killed fast enough, King Zelos will be weak enough to be killed.

After defeating the boss, you can report back to Jack Springer in Thais for your rewards.


The Lich Knights

Jack Springer: Welcome, Bennie! There is much we have to {discuss}.
Player: mission
Jack Springer: I need your help in a matter of utmost {urgency}.
Player: urgency
Jack Springer: The situation is complicated and it's even hard to say where to {start} best, just to describe it to you.
Player: start
Jack Springer: You see, several incidents in history can be traced back to a single {source}.
Player: source
Jack Springer: Things get murkier the further you go down in history, but that's not even necessary. Even today we can discern a certain pattern in recent {events}.
Player: events
Jack Springer: Well, in Rathleton there was an individual at work, looking for some ancient artefact of power. ...
Jack Springer: To cover its escape the creature left another creature, known as the ravager to cover his tracks. But there is {more}.
Player: more
Jack Springer: Only recently someone was trying to manipulate the elven dream courts into releasing a monstrosity of nightmares, probably planning to control or recruit this creature. ...
Jack Springer: But those incidents were just some of {many}.
Player: many
Jack Springer: The recent rise of lycanthropy, the robbery of certain forbidden arcane texts and the vanishing of at least three dangerous individuals, targeted by the inquisition are just the tip of the {iceberg}.
Player: iceberg
Jack Springer: There is a scheming going on behind the scenes. Powerful good people were corrupted. Evil-doers got backup and resources from a hidden ally. ...
Jack Springer: Powerful malignant creatures, gathering their kind under their banner and so much more. These things are not happening by chance. There is a pattern, a guiding {hand}.
Player: hand
Jack Springer: This outside force is moving behind the scenes since ages. Our research suggests that this force probably even {predates} the rise of humanity.
Player: predates
Jack Springer: Well, we are sure that the puppeteer behind all these events is an organisation. So old that even its name, the Shiron'Fal, has lost its meaning, because the {language} it originates from is long dead.
Player: language
Jack Springer: It has a rather complex meaning and as far as we can tell it translates to 'army of those who are many, dedicated to the ultimate time of mayhem and despair'. ...
Jack Springer: Other, more handy names are army of the last battlefield, army of the last days, legion of mayhem, dread legion or simply the {legion}.
Player: legion
Jack Springer: We know little for sure. You can look into our books to see some of our sources. But most are vague and some even contradictory. ...
Jack Springer: To summarise what we know, let me tell you this: The Shiron'Fal is an extremely old organisation. It seeks to accumulate power for some unknown but certainly sinister {goal}.
Player: goal
Jack Springer: For this purpose, the members gather knowledge, artefacts and powerful individuals. The members are formidable at certain fields of expertise. They are cunning and powerful and act with no regard for others, with no remorse or mercy. ...
Jack Springer: As they are doing this since ages, they must have acquired tremendous powers and knowledge. Their members often operate alone but are usually well funded with the necessary resources. ...
Jack Springer: Whatever their endgame might be, each of their operations pose a grave danger to the whole world and have to be {stopped}.
Player: stopped
Jack Springer: Here is where you come into play. We could identify the most recent plot of the Shiron'Fal and already had some {clashes}.
Player: clashes
Jack Springer: In our efforts to hinder their plot, we achieved mixed results at best. But now things are escalating fast and we have to {hurry}.
Player: hurry
Jack Springer: Our resources are already stretched thin, so we need your help with the most recent {problem}.
Player: problem
Jack Springer: The legion tries to use a new form of twisted rituals to raise the bodies of well-known {knights}.
Player: knights
Jack Springer: The knights they aim at were tainted in life by their actions or happenstance. ...
Jack Springer: This leaves their bodies vulnerable to their special breed of necromancy that would raise them as powerful {lich}-knights.
Player: lich
Jack Springer: These powerful undead were a terrible threat on their own but it seems even they are just part of some larger {scheme} that we cannot make out yet.
Player: scheme
Jack Springer: We are still working feverishly to uncover their goals but for now more imminent {threats} are at hand.
Player: threats
Jack Springer: Death cultists of the Shiron'Fal are trying to locate the bodies of fallen knights and raise them in blasphemous {rituals}.
Player: rituals
Jack Springer: The churches of the gods worked hand in hand to supply us with the means to {purge} the graves of those knights.
Player: purge
Jack Springer: Reaching the graves will not be without danger and if you encounter the death cultists you will have to fight them. Even worse, they might have even succeeded in some cases. ...
Jack Springer: As a newly risen lich-knight is not able to leave the site of its resurrection for some time, you might have to fight some of them. ...
Jack Springer: Let us pray that you never come too {late} or else some of the fiends might be able to leave their crypts.
Player: late
Jack Springer: While you travel and fight the threat where it arises, we will put all our resources into researching the ultimate plans of the legion. Perhaps I can tell you more when you {report} back. ...
Jack Springer: Don't forget that you'll need very potent holy water for your task. If you need some, just ask me for a {trade}.
Player: trade
Jack Springer: Of course, my friend.
Player: report
Jack Springer: Sadly, I have no news yet. But I can give you information about the {locations} of the graves that we learned about. If you need more holy water just ask me for a {trade}.
Player: locations
Jack Springer: We have located twelve graves that have to be secured: In the old northern Edron graveyard, in the dark cathedral of the plains of havoc, in the ghostlands, on Cormaya, Somewhere in the Femor Hills, on Vengoth, ...
Jack Springer: in the graveyard of Darashia, in the old temple north of Thais, at the entrance to the orcland, one is on the southern ice islands, in a mountain on Kilmaresh, one on an island north-east of Ankrahmun.

Grave Danger Quest

King Zelos

Jack Springer: Welcome, <player>! Is there anything to report?
Player: report
Jack Springer: By now the cultists of the Shiron'Fal seem to have abandoned their search. But this is sadly no good news. It seems they gathered enough lich-knights to proceed with their ultimate plan.
Player: ultimate
Jack Springer: It became obvious that their goal is to raise an ancient and fallen king, to lead their lich-knights and raise even more of them. ...
Jack Springer: With each lich-knight being able to raise and control lesser undead, this would lead to a chain-reaction. If they succeed, we might face an undead threat not seen since the corpse wars.
Player: threat
Jack Springer: You have to travel to the isle of the kings. There, hidden beneath the isle of the kings is the shamefully hidden grave of king Zelos. It is him, they are trying to raise. ...
Jack Springer: With some luck you will arrive before the ritual's completion. But be warned. At least four risen lich-knights will be present, to raise 'their king'. ...
Jack Springer: Hopefully the ritual will bind some of their powers but they will still be formidable foes. You will have to act quick because with each moment you take to defeat the knights ...
Jack Springer: The ritual will progress and the king will become stronger up to a point where you might be unable to defeat him. Due to the efforts and sacrifices of the death cultists, the king will be active at some capacity and you will have to confront him. ...
Jack Springer: Remember, the further the ritual progresses when you face him, he will become considerably more powerful. So time is of the essence. ...
Jack Springer: All I can do right now is to wish you good luck and may the gods bless you.

Grave Danger Quest