Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Carlin
Position 126.233, 123.134, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Ship Captain
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
You see Graubart.
NPC Bubble D


His house in southern Northport


Graubart is a merchant and captain of the Seahawk, but doesn't work at the moment. He's very arrogant, he says that although Bruno is the best sailor he ever met, he isn't nearly as good as him.


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Player: hi
Graubart: Ahoi, young man Player. Looking for work on my ship?
Player: name
Graubart: My name is Graubart, captain of the great SeaHawk!
Player: ship or SeaHawk
Graubart: Ah, my whole proud: My ship named SeaHawk. We rode out so many stormy nights together. I think I couldn't live without it.
Player: job
Graubart: I'm a merchant. I sail all over the world with my ship and trade with many different races!
Player: merchant
Graubart: A merchant is someone who trades goods with other people and tries to make a little profit. *laughs*
Player: trade
Graubart: I trade nearly everything, for example weapons, food, water, and even magic runes.
Player: races
Graubart: You know; elves, dwarfs, lizardmen, minotaurs and many others.
Player: water
Graubart: Sorry, sold out.
Player: Marlene
Graubart: Pssst. Marlene is not near right now...? You know... she is a lovely woman, but she talks too much! So I always try to keep distance from her because she can't stop talking.
Player: Bruno
Graubart: Bruno is one of the best sailors I know. He is nearly as good as me. *laughs loudly*
Player: bye
Graubart: Good bye and don't forget me!