Goshnar's Taints 5 Icon.png Goshnar's Taints are Special Conditions during which the character will suffer from one to five penalties while inside any of the Soul War Quest areas. There are five increasing levels of Goshnar's Taints, in this order:

1. Goshnar's Taints 1 Icon.png 10% chance that a creature teleports to you (cooldown: 10 seconds):

  • In every hunting ground there is one dedicated monster that has this ability.

2. Goshnar's Taints 2 Icon.png 0.5% chance that a new creature spawns near you if you hit another creature (cooldown: 30 seconds):

  • In every hunting there is one dedicated monster that can spawn additionally.

3. Goshnar's Taints 3 Icon.png Receive 15% increased damage.

4. Goshnar's Taints 4 Icon.png 10% chance that a creature will fully heal itself instead of dying:

  • Every monster in the new hunting grounds has this behaviour.

5. Goshnar's Taints 5 Icon.png Loss of 10% of your current hit points and your mana every 10 seconds.

How to get Goshnar's Taints

By killing the bosses of the Soul War Quest, players will receive a taint. Killing the same boss repeatedly will not add a new taint, so to receive all 5 of them you must kill all 5 bosses.

Bag You Desire

Bag You Desire.gif

There's one advantage to being tainted by Goshnar. Players with at least one taint have a very small chance of looting a Bag You Desire from any Soul War Quest creatures they kill, as well as an increased chance when killing any of the 5 access bosses. The chance increases with the amount of taints. The Bag You Desire is always dropped inside a Reward Container so there's no risk of leaving it behind in the creature's corpse.

How to get rid of Goshnar's Taints

The default method to get rid of the Taints is to defeat the final boss of the quest, Goshnar's Megalomania. In case one of the team members dies during the fight but the team manages to complete it, his/hers taints will still be reset.

If the team fails to defeat the boss, the last 2 penalties will be removed from each player.

Finally, you can also reset your taints by talking to the Flickering Soul about "penalties" or "taints". Every time you gain or lose taints you need to wait two weeks before you are able to reset them.

Creatures that can trigger Goshnar's Taints

During the battle against the Soul War Quest bosses, Dreadful Harvesters can also trigger Goshnar's taints.

Goshnar's Tribute

Players who have at least one Goshnar's Taint on them will have increased gains from Soul War creatures through Goshnar's Tribute. Goshnar's Tribute was added one year after the Goshnar's Taints were implemented on June 01, 2021.

Each taint grants an experience boost of 4.5%. Additional taints raise another 4.5% on the previous value. For example the XP for a monster with 10.000 base XP would be:

  • With 1 taint: 10,450 = 10,000 × 1.045
  • With 2 taints 10,920 = 10,000 × 1.0452
  • With 3 taints: 11,412 = 10,000 × 1.0453
  • With 4 taints: 11,925 = 10,000 × 1.0454
  • With 5 taints: 12,462 = 10,000 × 1.0455

Furthermore, each taint also gives you a 4.5% chance for a second loot roll. In this case, the bonus of additional taints is additive, not multiplicative. This means that with 2 taints the chance of a second loot roll is 9%, with 3 taints 13,5%, etc.

For a party, the member with the lowest number of taints will be the reference for Goshnar's tribute and determines the boost for the whole party.