Goshnar is the infamous necromant king, formerly known as Falnus, who was a member of the Nightmare Knights before he became corrupted with evil. He had his base in south Plains of Havoc in the run-down Necromant House. He led the necromant group, the Brotherhood of Bones

Goshnar had a daughter, Fermuba, who took refuge with the brotherhood in Carlin after being pursued by the Nightmare Knights. She is told to be pregnant while fleeing to Carlin. The bone master tells us that Ferumbras is the grandson of Goshnar, so most probably Fermuba was pregnant with Ferumbras.

Goshnar led battles against civilisation and his challengers were the reknowned Nightmare Knights. In the Plains of Havoc he met his downfall in a terrible battle against the Knights.

Considering his necromantic powers of raising the dead, the Knights shut his body in a coffin and the room was sealed below the Necromant House, in case he did rise again.

The Grave of Goshnar can be found under the Plains of Havoc, here.

His Flickering Soul now wanders in Zarganash, the realm between the worlds of the living and of the dead, while evil shards of his former self gather power to return to the world.

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Goshnar is the main character in the story of the Soul War Quest.
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What people say about Goshnar

Edowir: The Necromant King. He is dead forever, and that is the nicest thing I can say about him. May he rot in his tomb.

Lugri: The necromant king was only defeated by the nightmare knights due to a bad twist of fate.

Oldrak: The greatest necromant who ever cursed our land with the steps of his feet. He was defeated by the nightmare knights.

Oswald: They say he isn't truly dead. He was... or is a necromant after all.

Dream Master: Goshnar is a tragic figure. While he was one of us he tried to fight evil in such a desperate way that he never managed not live up to his own expectations. While trying to understand his enemy, to make out their strengthes and weaknesses he became more and more like them. In the end he switched sides and took the robe of the necromancer king. His quick ascension in the ranks of the Brotherhood of Bones was unheard of. He appeared to have an aura of power and invincibility. But though he united most of the Brotherhood under his banner and allied himself with demons he ultimately failed. His failure was a typical lesson of the ultimate failure of evil. His spirit was already broken when he joined the ranks of the evil hordes. He succumbed to the seemingly easy way as did his allies. They lived in the hell they had created on their own. Surrounded by treacherous allies, always fearing betrayal, always in need to prove themselves, never being able to show any weakness without someone trying to seize upon that opportunity. A Nightmare Knight would hold his ground in a battle against impossible odds just to cover the retreat of his friends. A member of the Brotherhood does try to run if the tide of battle seems to turn against him, since he can safely assume that the others will run too and those who run last will be those who suffer most. This is why they ultimately failed.

The Bone Master: Ferumbras is Goshnar's grandson.