Outfit Addon 1 Addon 2 Addons 1+2
Male Outfit Golden Male.gif Outfit Golden Male Addon 1.gif Outfit Golden Male Addon 2.gif Outfit Golden Male Addon 3.gif
Female Outfit Golden Female.gif Outfit Golden Female Addon 1.gif Outfit Golden Female Addon 2.gif Outfit Golden Female Addon 3.gif


Shining brightly against the darkness, the legendary golden outfit illuminates the path towards glory and grandeur. Radiating unique magnificence and extravagance, those of royal blood will award it only to the most prestigious and prosperous Tibians in exchange for a generous donation.

Unlike other quest outfits, these outfits can be obtained and worn by Free Account players.

You can see the players with own the Golden Outfit in a given server by checking a Memorial.

An unofficial list of all confirmed Golden Outfits owners can be found in this thread.

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