You see a golden fir cone.
It weighs 2.00 oz.
A hermit near Carlin might be able to tell you more about it.


Used to tame an Kingly Deer Enraged White Deer. It has a 25%-33% chance to break when used. You may need 2-4+ to successfully tame an Enraged White Deer.
Although normal White Deer can't handle a human's weight, Enraged White Deer have extra strength that allows them to do so.

The white deer flees.

The white deer sniffs and wheezes, trying to withstand the taming.

Oh no... the enraged deer angrily ripped the fir cone from your hands!

You tamed the white deer.

Trying to tame a White Deer:
You should try to enrage this deer before your taming attempt. That way you make sure it's strong enough to carry you.

Trying to tame a Desperate White Deer:
This deer doesn't show enough strength and is too desperate already. Only enraged deer have the necessary power to carry you.

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Take a Gold Ingot to Sweaty Cyclops and say: hi, melt, yes, yes (you do not need to have completed The Sweaty Cyclops Quest). You will get a Cup of Molten Gold. Using it on a Fir Tree or a Fir Cone will give you a small chance (around 10%) to make a Golden Fir Cone.

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