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| name = Golden Boots
| flavortext =|
| itemclass = Body Equipment
| primarytype = Boots
| secondarytype =
| stackable = No.
| armor = 4
| weight = 31.00
| value = 4,000,000 - 8,000,000
| npcvalue = 0
| npcprice = 0
| droppedby = [[Ghazbaran]], [[Zugurosh]].
| buyfrom = Players.
| sellto = Players.
| notes = They are a part of the [[Golden Set]].<br />
These were first presented to {{character|Erana}}on [[Nova]] as a gift for reporting a bug that allowed players to gain a free premium account. {{character|Sir Baxter}}bought them from Erana for 4kk. Sir Baxter sold them to {{character|Linus Sandqvist}}for an unknown amount of money. They can be seen in {{character|Sean The Hunter}}'s house. {{character|Raiza Shooter}}from Luminera also owns them, although nobody knows how he obtained them. Some people believe that Cipsoft gave them to him.<br />
On October the 9th, 2004, [[Golden Boots]] could be seen in an exhibition on [[The Tibianic]] in Antica.<br />
A pair of these can be seen at Darashia's [[Deeper Catacombs|Catacombs]], near [[Koshei the Deathless]]'s room.
Also, another pair can be seen in the Amazon Camp Treasure Room, north of Venore.<br />
The sprite of the [[Golden Boots]] was changed in the Winter Update of 2008. In addition to the change of the sprite, they were also re-introduced into the game. <br />
They were first looted on [[Malvera]] as a drop from [[Ghazbaran]] a few hours after the update and some days later by [[Zugurosh]] on [[Aldora]].<br />
Nowadays they can be seen on various worlds.
As we know the first looted on [[Vinera]] were droped from [[Zugurosh]] on January, 2012, by {{character|Dani Ak}}and {{character|Zokov}} they are selling the boots actually. <br />

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