You see a gold ingot.
It weighs 18.00 oz.


    When in stacks of five or more, the graphic has sparkles over them. A Sweaty Cyclops can melt your ingot, turning it into a Cup of Molten Gold.

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    One can be obtained through the The Hidden City of Beregar Quest, 2 from The New Frontier Quest, 3 from the Treasure Hunt Quest, 5 from the Wrath of the Emperor Quest, 2 if your world succeeds in the Lightbearer Event (you must have have helped with it, otherwise you won´t be able to go to the reward room) and if you lit all 10 basins you will get another 4 and 5 from the Rise of Devovorga. Can also be obtained from Gooey Masses. One can be obtained from the daily task in Lion's Rock if the player has access to the inner sanctuary and sacrifice a small ruby, a small sapphire, a small emerald and a small topaz in the right order. Only available if the player does not had tamed a Noble Lion yet.
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