You see a gold coin.
It weighs 0.10 oz.


The most abundant item in Tibia as hundreds of thousands of these are looted every day. For more information, read Currency and List of Creatures That Drop Gold Coins. Often abbreviated to "GP" when talking in game, such as "100 gp." For larger amounts it is often seen as 1k for 1,000 gold coins or 1kk for 1,000,000 gold coins. 1,000,000 gold pieces can also be written as 1M (one million, but not commonly used).
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350 of them can be obtained from the Dawnport Quest and The Rookie Guard Quest, 250 from The Scatterbrained Sorcerer Quest, 201 from the Mastermind Potion Quest, 175 from the Berserker Treasure Quest, 103 from the Steel Helmet Quest, 100 from the Elvenbane Quest, the Formorgar Mine Quest, the Giant Smithhammer Quest, the Skull of Ratha Quest, and the Steal From Thieves Quest, 89 from the Skeleton Decoration Quest, 82 from the Waterskin of Mead Quest, 76 from the Longsword Quest, 50 from the Goblin Temple Quest, The Explorer Society Quest, and the Uneasy Alliance Quest, 40 from the Bear Room Quest, 33 from the Alawar's Vault Quest, 5 from the Kissing a Pig Quest, and 3 from the Flash Client Tutorial. 6 of them can be obtained from Belongings of a Deceased, and 1 can be obtained from breaking a Piggy Bank and from Shiny Stones.
See also: Shiny Stone/Refining Statistics
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A long time ago gold did not drop in divided piles. For this reason if you were hunting creatures like Dragon Lords you could occasionally get gold stacks of more than 100 (a stack of 150 has been seen at the Tibianic Exhibition.) You could not create these piles yourself and very few of them remain today.

Some of these piles have been lost due to the first days when the ships were implemented, due to the people travelling by ship and paying the fee with their gold stacks.

Those amounts of Gold Coins above 100 in one pile (Overstacked Gold) were lootable in the first weeks of Dragon Lords' existence. Those dragons were first creatures which dropped more than 100 gold. CipSoft changed the 100+ gold stacks in 2-3 stacks with under 100 gold. People lucky enough who obtained overnumbered packs of gold have them nowadays. A picture can be seen here. The overcharged goldstack was also once obtainable daily from Edron Dragon Lair in a chest.

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  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

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