This book has no notes.

(You see a mouldy book of some sort. Only one passage on a page is still readable.)

Sugatrap mighty goblin. Him one day hear Frog God voice in sleep.

Frog God tell Sugatrap, "Go to mountain high and low, where my frogs live under stone. There stay and found city of new goblinkind!"

Sugatrap woke up when scout threw stone at his head, warning of humans. Sugatrap go and tell his dream. At first all goblins laugh but when Sugatrap hit them dead, laughter died.

Remaining goblins went with Sugatrap and quarreled all the while they search for mountain with frogs.

One day, scout goblin Swordfish fall over stone and find bog frog. He go tell Sugatrap and Sugatrap say, "Have found right mountain! Will stay!"

So founded city, where all goblins free and live on holy bog frogs.

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