Property Value
Est. Length
Quest Log Goblin Merchant Quest
Level 0
(35 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 9.8
December 12, 2012
Status Active


Rafzan can always use an extra hand to help out.




5200 exp, 1100 gp, achievement Task Manager

Required Equipment

During the quest you will get:

If you lose them, you can buy them again from Rafzan.


Find Rafzan in the eastern Venore swamps. To reach him, you must stand here and use the pulley (twice if the elevator is up). Ask Rafzan if you can help him. He will offer you 6 tasks.

In order to receive tasks, you must say get and then the task name. In order to report, you need to say report and then the task name.

Task Reward
Advertisement 600 exp, 600 gp
Perfume 1000 exp, 1000 gp
Guards 600 exp, 600 gp
Busy 1200 exp, 1200 gp
Destroy 1200 exp, 1200 gp
Killing 600 exp, 600 gp
Total 5200 exp, 5200 gp

You can repeat the tasks infinitely, after a certain (unknown) number of repeating the tasks you get the achievement Task Manager.

Business Opportunities

Accept the destroy task from Rafzan. Go to the Corym Caves, through a house north-east of Rafzan's building (here). Look for Junk Trunks (they look like Big Trunks) and use your Trunkhammer on 3 of them. They will turn into Smashed Trunks. After completion, your Trunkhammer will disappear. When done, go back to Rafzan and report about your task.

You will receive 1200 Experience and 12 Platinum Coins.

Goblin Advertisement

Accept the advertisement task from Rafzan. All around the Venore swamp are Cracked Stones. Use your advertisement signs on the stones. You can only do this once per stone in a given time. A few places you can find cracked stones are here, here and here. When done, go back to Rafzan and report about your task.

You will receive 600 Experience and 6 Platinum Coins.

Guardian Angel - Kind Of

Accept the guards task from Rafzan. You will be given a Guardcatcher which looks like a Bow. All around the swamp you will find Adventurers. Use the guardcatcher on 3 adventurers. When you use the guardcatcher, one of two things can happen: the adventurer can vanish (saying Argggh! Not my knee!), or the adventurer can become an Angry Adventurer. When you've used the guardcatcher 3 times, your guardcatcher will break (with the message Luckily the makeshift bow breaks as you hit the last adventurer you needed and not earlier!). Report back to Rafzan when you are done.

You will receive 600 Experience and 6 Platinum Coins.

Hungry Birds

Accept the kill task from Rafzan. All around the swamp you will find Marsh Stalkers. Kill 5 of them and report back to Rafzan.

You will receive 600 Experience and 6 Platinum Coins.


For this task, keyword perfume, you need to get some odor samples. You will receive a Perfume Gatherer from Rafzan to collect the samples with.

  • The first odor you're looking for is special snail slime. Find the Venore Slug Cave, kill a slug, wait 10 seconds and use the perfume gatherer on it. A message will appear: You gather the first part of the rat perfume!
  • The second odor you're looking for is from Black Swamp Gas, which looks like smoke, or Poison Gas colored grey. You can find these in a few places in the swamp, two such places are here and here. Use your perfume gatherer on it. A message will appear: You gather the second part of the rat perfume!
  • The third odor you're looking for is a Rotworm fart. Go to any cave with Rotworms. Use the perfume gatherer on the rotworm repeatedly until you receive a rotworm fart. On failure, you will receive a message: Darn! It didn't fart!, and on success: You gather the third part of the rat perfume!. On average it will take about 3.85 attempts, but the rotworm does not vanish when you fail or succeed.
  • The fourth and final odor you need is that of Mouldy Cheese. Get mouldy cheese from Goblins (rare), Corym Caves and many other places (daily respawns)

Report back to Rafzan with the complete Perfume Gatherer (its description: It is filled with smelley goo.). Your reward is 1000 Experience and 10 Platinum Coins.

To Piss Off Some Rats

Note: you will face Corym Charlatans and Skirmishers, and possibly other Coryms.

Get the busy task from Rafzan and go north-east of his building to the Venore Corym Cave. Once in the cave, go east and down the hole, then go far east to a pond (here). Use the rat urine vial in the center of the pond (from a distance, like you would a fishing rod). A message will appear: The keen noses of the ratmen will smell the mark of their rivals!. Report back to Rafzan and claim your reward.

You will receive 1200 exp and 12 Platinum Coins.


Rafzan: What are you reporting about? Me advertising campaign, the perfume, recruitment of guards, keeping the ratmen busy or that you destroyed certain provisions?

Rafzan: You did not too bad me guess. Though me children will starve I give you biggest reward, don't tell others. Only you get good reward. You are me best.

Business Opportunities

Goblin Advertisement

Guardian Angel - Kind Of

Hungry Birds


To Piss Of Some Rats

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