Hidden under the earth for centuries, no one, except the dwarfs had the slightest idea that Gnomes even exist. But now, after an eternity of isolation and solitude, this small folk is in need of brave heroes like you! The Gnomes are threatened by a hostile force that bleeds this race to a slow but certain death. Therefore, they asked their dwarven allies for support. That is why the dwarfs are now looking for courageous warriors to join the gnomish troops to assist them in their distress. Known to be a mushroom-loving race and the inventors of gnomish crystal teleporters, located underground between Hellgate, Kazordoon and Ulderek's Rock at Gnomegate.

As of current, the only non-NPC gnomes are Lost Gnome and Gnomevil.

See also Gnome NPCs.


Name Exp HP Max Damage Loot
Lost Gnome.gif
Lost Gnome
0 10,000 0

Gnome Boss

Name Exp HP Max Damage Loot
45,000 250,000 2000