Hidden under the earth for centuries lies the town of an underground dwelling race, the Gnomes. Amidst crystals and mushrooms, they have always led a quiet life in seclusion, suspicious of outsiders, and hesitant to give their trust. Accessible only by the GCTS, the Gnomebase is in fact part of Kazordoon. Gnomegate is physically located below Ferngrims Gate and the ocean between Venore and Edron, here.

Gnomebase Alpha is a separate part of Gnomegate.


Gnomegate NPCs (24 NPCs)
Bigfoot SoldierBigfoot Soldier.gifGuardGnomegate, far to the south
Commander StoneCommander Stone.gifOfficerMost southern part of Gnomegate
Doctor GnomedixDoctor Gnomedix.gifPhysicianNorth-western Gnomegate, ear examination room
GnomadGnomad.gifInformerWarzone 1, right before the warzone entrance.
GnomailionGnomailion.gifPostmanGnomegate, far to the south
GnomallyGnomally.gifShopkeeperNorthern Gnomegate
GnomaticusGnomaticus.gifSupervisorWestern Gnomegate, shooting test room
GnomegicaGnomegica.gifMagic ShopkeeperGnomegate, south-east area.
GnomejamGnomejam.gifBarkeeperGnomegate center
GnomelvisGnomelvis.gifSupervisorSouth-western Gnomegate, soul melody room
GnomenezerGnomenezer.gifSupervisorGolem Workshop section of the Gnomebase Alpha
GnomenurseyGnomenursey.gifAssistantWestern Gnomegate, ear examination room
GnomeralGnomeral.gifOfficerWestern Gnomebase Alpha
GnomercyGnomercy.gifInformerWarzone 3, right before the warzone entrance.
GnomerikGnomerik.gifRecruitment OfficerNorth-western Gnomegate
GnomerrowGnomerrow.gifArtisanGnomegate, far to the south
GnomespectorGnomespector.gifPhysicianNorth-western Gnomegate, medical examination room
GnometteGnomette.gifRecruit instructorGnomegate, center of the GCTS
GnomewartGnomewart.gifPhysicianSouth-western Gnomegate, endurance test room
GnomillionGnomillion.gifBankerNorth-eastern Gnomegate, inside the Depot
GnominciaGnomincia.gifAssistantGnomebase Alpha, near the teleport to Gnomegate
GnominusGnominus.gifBarkeeperNorthern Gnomegate
GnomissionGnomission.gifShopkeeperSouth-eastern Gnomebase Alpha
GnomoleGnomole.gifInformerWarzone 2, right before the warzone entrance.


Gnomegate Quests
NameMin LevelRec LevelPremLocationReward
Bigfoot's Burden Quest80120Gnomegate and Gnomebase AlphaAccess to the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System (GCTS), Gnomegate, Gnomebase Alpha and their hunting areas including the Warzones; 24 Achievements (46 total points), Minor and Major Crystalline Tokens, Gnomish Supply Packages, Some Golden Fruits and several Warzone rewards.