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The dwarves did not heed our advice and headed straight into the danger we warned them about. They did surprisingly well - until they got into the inevitable mess we expected. Since they stubbornly insisted to remain in the midst of trouble, we had to come to their rescue of course. The dwarves proved astonishingly capable in fighting the threat but in the long run they would have succumbed to the constant onslaught unless we brought in our ingenuity and expertise. Since the dwarves were somewhat reluctant to let go of their proven tactics, we had to figure out how to reinforce them in the best way possible. Naturally we came up with some solutions that fused our expertise and equipment with those of the dwarves to a solid defence. Now we seem somewhat stuck in the fight, no side gaining the upper hand. Experience tells us, however, that those below won't be idle for long and the next waves of attacks will be more fierce and long. Eventually even the best defences will wear off.
Furthermore, our sources tell us that the real threat is even more sinister. We located several sources of tremendous heat in the depths. We encountered something like that some time before: it always preceded the rise and eruption of large lava steams into a confined cave system. It seems that our old enemy is using old tricks once again. The location of the heat sources seems easy enough, yet to get to them and possibly destroy the mechanisms they use to raise the lava is the hard part.
We do agree with the dwarves that only swift and decisive action can win the day. We have to strike at the heart of the invasion force.

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