Glooth is a green liquid which is a product created by so-called "gloothworms". The gloothworm is only known to be found in Oramond although few if any outsiders have seen it. The term came from Baribar Glooth, one of the first inventors who had experimented with glooth and derived a number of uses from it. He discovered that applying lightning magic to glooth transformed it to be used as a metal substitute and later as a substitute for other products including food. The food is known to provide a special strength to the consumer.

Besides the creation of golems from "gloothal" to do work in the city of Rathleton some glooth-elemental creatures also somehow came into being and together with golems now run rampant in the city.

Glooth is an allusion to melange, or "spice", in the Dune universe.

Books about glooth
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Big Book of Glooth I (Book)Book (Black)Description of the discovery of glooth and some applications
The Big Book of Glooth II (Book)Book (Black)Some applications of glooth and the possible overdependence on it

Glooth-derived creatures
NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
Blood Beast.gif
Blood Beast
10001600238+ (124+ Physical Damage, 114+ Earth Damage)
17551900778 (260 Physical Damage, 518 Earth Damage)
Glooth Anemone.gif
Glooth Anemone
17552400512+ (327+ Physical Damage, 185 Life Drain) + 880 Summons
Glooth Blob.gif
Glooth Blob
700750462 (290 Physical Damage, 172 Earth Damage) + 880 Summons
Glooth Golem.gif
Glooth Golem
160627001176+ (931+ Physical Damage, 245 Energy Damage)
Glooth Powered Minotaur.gif
Glooth Powered Minotaur
  • This creature drops no loot.
Metal Gargoyle.gif
Metal Gargoyle
Rot Elemental.gif
Rot Elemental
750850564 (120 Physical Damage, 444 Earth Damage)
Rustheap Golem.gif
Rustheap Golem

Glooth-based or Glooth-derived items
Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Alloy Legs Alloy Legs Arm: 6, speed +10 45.00
Bottle of Glooth Wine Bottle of Glooth Wine Stackable 4.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Bowl of Glooth Soup Bowl of Glooth Soup Stackable 1.00
Cool Gloothy Mixture Cool Gloothy Mixture 4.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Filled Glooth Converter Filled Glooth Converter 5.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Gearwheel Chain Gearwheel Chain Arm: 3 10.00
Glob of Glooth Glob of Glooth Stackable 0.10
Glooth Amulet Glooth Amulet Protection physical +10%, fire +10%, earth +10%, energy +10%, ice +10%, holy +10%, death +10% 2.20
Glooth Axe Glooth Axe Atk: 39, Def: 1 19.00
Glooth Backpack Glooth Backpack Vol: 20 18.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Glooth Bag Glooth Bag Stackable 30.00
Glooth Blade Glooth Blade Atk: 39, Def: 1 19.00
Glooth Cape Glooth Cape Arm: 9, Protection earth +5%, fire -5% 29.00
Glooth Capsule Glooth Capsule Stackable 1.50
Glooth Club Glooth Club Atk: 39, Def: 1 19.00
Glooth Injection Tube Glooth Injection Tube Stackable 14.00
Glooth Plasma Glooth Plasma 1.80
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Glooth Potion Glooth Potion 4.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Glooth Sandwich Glooth Sandwich Stackable 8.00
Glooth Spear Glooth Spear Range: 3, Atk: 55, Def: 0, Stackable 26.00
Glooth Steak Glooth Steak Stackable 12.00
Glooth Whip Glooth Whip Atk: 33, Def: 19 32.00
Heat Core Heat Core Arm: 12 55.00
Metal Jaw Metal Jaw Stackable 1.40
Metal Spats Metal Spats Arm: 1, Protection physical +1% 18.00
Metal Toe Metal Toe Stackable 5.00
Pint of Glooth Pint of Glooth 2.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Rubber Cap Rubber Cap Arm: 5, Protection earth +3%, fire -3%, magic level +1 8.00
Tainted Glooth Capsule Tainted Glooth Capsule Stackable 1.50
Vial of Coloured Glooth Vial of Coloured Glooth 5.00
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.