Glacier Amulet
Glacier Mask
Glacier Robe
Glacier Kilt
Glacier Shoes

The Glacier Set consists of the equipment with Glacier on their name, and all of them provide Ice Damage protection. Wearing this full Set will give you 37% Ice protection (21% without the Glacier Amulet), though it also increases Fire Damage by 39%.

Item Vocations Attributes Level Dropped by
Glacier Amulet ice +20%, energy -10% 60
Glacier Mask sorcerers and druids ice +4%, energy -5%
Glacier Robe sorcerers and druids ice +8%, energy -8% 50
Glacier Kilt sorcerers and druids ice +6%, energy -6% 40
Glacier Shoes sorcerers and druids ice +5%, energy -5% 35

Other Ice Protection

Leviathan's Amulet
Might Ring
Crest of the Deep Seas
Frostmind Raiment
Icy Culottes
Glacier Shoes
Umbral Master Spellbook

Despite the name, there are many other equipment that provide better Ice Damage protection. For example, the set to the right provides 65% Ice Protection for Mages, 27% without the Amulet and Ring, which have charges. For a list of all Ice Protection equipment, check this page. You can also check the Armor Calculator to compare different set combinations with accuracy.

See also other Sets.

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