You see a gingerbread recipe.
It weighs 2.00 oz.
Use it to learn how to make Gingerbreadman in the christmas bakery.
  • You can now make gingerbread from normal cake dough in Santa's bakery.


You can make gingerbreadmen after you "use" this recipe, it will then disappear (only 1 can be used per character). Gingerbreadmen can be made using a scythe to cut wheat from a wheat field, grind it to flour in a mill, add milk with a trough or bucket to make Lump of Cake Dough and bake on an oven at the Christmas Bakery located in Vega under Santa's house.
Looks the same as Research Notes, a Parchment (Poetry), a Parchment (Questionnaire), a Yellow Parchment, and a Wrinkled Parchment.

Dropped By

  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.

Trade Details

Buy From

RuprechtVega10 Christmas Tokens

Sell To

Players only.