Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Port Hope
Position 128.166, 127.160, 5
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Occupational Properties
Job Unknown Occupation
Other Properties
Version 10.8
July 21, 2015
Status Active
Gilmak Copperbeard
You see Gilmak Copperbeard.
  • Damn asuri!
  • Perfidious hags!
  • I shouldn't have left the camp!


He used to live in the dwarf camp nearby (here) before he was captured and imprisoned by the asuri.


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Player: hi
Gilmak Copperbeard: Ha! You're still {free}, lucky you.
Player: free
Gilmak Copperbeard: Yes, unlike me. I'm a prisoner in this {palace}. I was careless enough to leave our camp in the north alone. So I was easy prey for the damned asuri.
Player: palace
Gilmak Copperbeard: At the first glance it is a place of great beauty, filled with riches and luxury, as you certainly have noticed yet. But in truth it is a threshold to hell, full of {demons}.
Player: demons
Gilmak Copperbeard: Yes, the so called asuri. They are demonic creatures who usually hide their {faces} and appear in the form of a beautiful woman.
Player: faces
Gilmak Copperbeard: In truth they are ugly and ill-favoured. And this palace is as foul as the asuri are. ...
Gilmak Copperbeard: Behind its marvellous veneer, it is full of prison cells, torture chambers and even rooms where sacrificial altars await the asuri's emaciated victims. Take care of yourself!
Player: name
Gilmak Copperbeard: My name is Gilmak Copperbeard.
Player: job
Gilmak Copperbeard: I'm a dwarf as you may easily see. We have a camp nearby, where my luckier brethren still dwell.
Player: time
Gilmak Copperbeard: Do I look like I had a clock in this cell.
Player: mission
Gilmak Copperbeard: I fear there is nothing you can do for this old dwarf. These damned demonesses already took too much of my vital energy.

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