The gill set, implemented in version 9.6 is a mage-specific set with resistance to Earth Damage. These items are mostly obtained by turning in Major Crystalline Tokens. One equipment piece is worth 10 tokens. This is the mage counterpart of the Prismatic Set. While knights and paladins got three pieces (two pieces each, one piece shared) in the prismatic set, druids and sorcerers get access to all of the gill set (4 pieces shared). While this is unbalanced, CipSoft stated it is like this because the paladins and knights are distinct with different needs in equipment, while the mages are not.

In addition to the resistance, the set provides bonus to magic level (+7 total), the Gill Legs of note are the only Legs to provide a magic level bonus to date.

Possible changes within the set are:

  • Gill Necklace - the necklace has a limited charges, and this may become expensive. Alternatively, it may be desirable to exchange it for another charge-based item which provides Earth Damage protection.
  • Gill Coat - if magic level is desirable more than earth protection, the Royal Scale Robe provides +2 magic level (1 more than the coat) and improves fire resistance without another elemental penalty.
  • Spellbook of Vigilance - The Spellbook of Ancient Arcana provides an additional magic level (+4) and 5% death resistance. A shield provides more defense.
  • Weapon - no weapon is part of this set. The 9.6 rods may be a good addition because of their magic level bonus (druid: earth Muck Rod, ice Glacial Rod, sorcerer: fire Wand of Everblazing, energy Wand of Defiance).
Gill Necklace
Gill Gugel
Gill Coat
Gill Legs
Spellbook of Vigilance
Item Armor* Defense* Protection
Gill Gugel 5 Fire -6%
Earth +6%
Gill Coat 12 Fire -10%
Earth +10%
Gill Legs 7 Fire -8%
Earth +8%
Spellbook of Vigilance Fire -3%
Earth +3%
Gill Necklace Physical +15%
Earth +10%
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